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The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end soon, and many home decoration companies and home decoration stores are also opening to welcome guests. Before the new year, many owners suspended the decoration plan because they were worried that the decoration construction party could not guarantee the construction quality due to the rush work before the holiday. After the new year, most owners began to consider the decoration plan shelved before the new year. Is it suitable to start decoration after the Spring Festival? Some netizens heard that it was the rainy season after the Spring Festival, and the humidity was high, which was not conducive to decoration. After consulting many people, they said it didn't matter, and each word made him confused. The reporter interviewed several people in the home decoration industry on this issue, and listen to their opinions. Insiders said that there is no problem in decorating the house after the Spring Festival, and there is no impact from the construction link. There are several aspects that owners can pay a little attention to. For example, the weather after the festival is still cold. If it is rainy, you need to pay attention to the transportation of board or gypsum board and other items. In this process, the owner had better pay more attention to supervision. In addition, if the weather is wet, the construction time will be more than usual. This is mainly reflected in the treatment of walls or where there is furniture paint. Because the putty on the wall cannot be applied too thick at one time, it will increase the labor of the master and the time of the whole project. But on the contrary, such construction is good for the whole quality. There is enough time for both the response of materials and the construction details of workers. Generally, the construction time of a house is 40 days, which will increase by about 10 days if the temperature is low. In addition, we all know the truth of heat expansion and cold contraction, so if there is natural wood such as solid wood or anticorrosive wood installed at home, the reserved gap should be a little larger than usual. So, since the house can be decorated after the Spring Festival, what preparations should owners make? Insiders said that it is most important to make a good decoration plan and choose a suitable decoration method before decoration. 1、 Do a good job in the decoration plan before decoration. The owner should consult more about the building materials market and decoration quotation before decoration, and then formulate a relatively complete and thorough decoration plan according to the understanding and in combination with his favorite and requirements. The plan should include: decoration style, which brand decoration company to choose, whether the construction is all inclusive, half inclusive or clear. Materials: the grade requirements of main materials, furniture style, the selection of air conditioners, water heaters, kitchen equipment, and the budget of the whole decoration fund. 2、 Choose a suitable decoration method. What is a suitable decoration method? At present, there are many large and small decoration companies in the market, and there are many marketing means. Generally speaking, the decoration quotation is about 10% different from the budget of your own cleaning accessories. If your decoration is generally simple, and because you don't have enough money after buying a new house, there is no need to go to a decoration company. Besides, the decoration of cleaning accessories can also be checked at all times to avoid all kinds of problems after installation. When selecting the construction team, it is best to collect more quotations for comparison. Once the construction team is confirmed, the contract should be signed as detailed as possible, including the construction period, acceptance criteria, increase and decrease items, material details, and the obligations and responsibilities of both parties should be carefully stated one by one. At the same time, we must ask the other party for a complete set of design drawings, construction drawings and budget quotations. 3、 Grasping the quality of construction, decoration construction is the top priority in the decoration process. Choosing a good construction team is the guarantee of decoration quality. If you encounter a project manager who can't be serious and responsible, the best brand company is useless, and you should often visit the construction site after starting work. Especially for water and electricity materials, if you don't pay attention to the use of low-quality materials, it will leave many hidden dangers for your normal use in the future. If you are busy and don't know the decoration profession, it is recommended that you order main materials in large building materials stores, because formal channels can ensure the authenticity and quality of main materials, and it takes a day to order almost all main materials, and problems can be dealt with in a timely manner




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