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Entering the door, you must enter it and exit it. It is a sign of the separation of internal and external space, and it is also crucial in home feng shui; So, what is the stress of decorating Feng Shui entrance door? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

stress on decorating Feng Shui entry door

decorating Feng Shui entry door Feng Shui

there should be three ideas for entry:

1. When you open the door, you see red walls or decorations, that is, when you open the door, you have a sense of happiness, giving people a warm and exciting spiritual feeling and a happy mood

2. Open the door to green, that is, you can see green plants as soon as you open the door, which is full of interest and can also improve your eyes

3. Open the door and draw. If you open the door, you can see an elegant sketch or picture, which can not only reflect the self-restraint of the residents, but also alleviate the rush after entering the door

there should be three things missing when you get started

1. Open the door to the stove, and "Yang Zhai integration" cloud: “ Open the door to the stove, money is wasted ”. That is, when you see the stove at the entrance, your anger rushes towards you, making wealth unable to enter

2. When you open the door to the toilet, you will see the toilet as soon as you enter the door, which is like filthy welcome

3. Open the door to the mirror. The mirror will reflect wealth. If it is not the gate that directly opposes evil spirits or filthy things, it should not be facing the gate

taboos for decorating Feng Shui entrance door

first, avoid being right on the elevator

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the elevator is an endless road in another way. With its rise and fall, this road is always disturbing the stability and calm in front of the door. And Feng Shui's requirement for door Qi is just to be calm. Therefore, if the entrance door is facing the elevator, it will definitely affect the harmony of Feng Shui

second, don't open the door to the mirror

as we all know, the gate is like the throat of a home, and it is an important gateway to communicate the internal and external aura. The mirror represents the function of reflection. If you open the door to the mirror, you will reflect all the good luck or blessings brought into the house

third, avoid all the way to the end

in home feng shui, the most taboo point is that after the door is opened, all the way to the end, especially when a back door or a large French window is installed opposite the door. In this way, it is easy to cause the gas field to go straight, and the fate is easy to be volatile

IV. avoid open toilets

open toilets are the easiest to see in rental houses. In modern society, in order to maximize profits, many real estate businesses will disrupt the good pattern of houses and try to make room for more houses, so there are many unreasonable patterns. If your home is open to the toilet, this kind of Feng Shui aura is also not good

what's the point of decorating Feng Shui entry door?

[the door should be opened inward]

when opening and closing the door, there will be airflow in and out. Feng Shui theory believes that home feng shui is suitable for gathering Qi, so the door should be opened inward to facilitate the entry of auspicious Qi. Moreover, if the door is opened outward, it means to arch outward, which will inevitably send their own good luck out

[the door should be opened inward · counterexample]

feng shui theory believes that the direction of opening the door is closely related to home feng shui. As far as the direction of opening the door itself is concerned, there is no absolute good or bad. However, the combination of the direction of opening the door and the house type determines the auspicious and inauspicious position of the home, which affects the quality of home feng shui. The door of the small living room of the courtyard greenhouse opens outward. From a safety point of view, when the wind blows in the garden, the outward opening door leaves will inevitably collide and cause glass breakage, or even door leaves falling off and other injury accidents. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is already a great evil spirit

[the door should not be blocked]

the door is the mouth of the house to receive gas. It should be clean and bright, so as not to hinder gas transportation. So don't pile sundries and garbage at the door, so as to keep the airflow smooth and clean; If you pile up sundries and garbage, it is easy to bring impurity into your home and affect the fortunes of your family

[the door should not be blocked · counterexample]

this living room door leading to the courtyard directly faces a black sofa back, which not only hinders the smooth fortune, but also offsets the boosting effect of the dark tone. Such a living room design should be used carefully

[the door should not be blocked · solution]

if the two seat sofa is placed facing the door, it is easy to make a rush in Feng Shui. The solution is actually simple. Use the multi seat sofa with the single chair, and change the overall positioning, which is as comfortable and beautiful as before




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