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Is the romantic home style with romantic and charming Mediterranean also the feeling of home you want to have. Or just gradually light Mediterranean style? It doesn't matter. In this issue, Xiaobian recommends five popular items: Mediterranean style sofa. Let's go and have a look

[case1: Mediterranean light blue fabric sofa]

brand: Jiexin furniture

Color: light blue (customizable color size)

material from inside to outside:

first floor: wooden frame (pine + plywood)

second floor: bow spring, tension rubber band, Non woven fabric

third layer: high-quality 45 density super soft sponge + independent spring bag (high-quality sponge, absolutely no black core cotton)

fourth layer: fiber cotton (some rely on bags and tabloid pillows filled with soft and comfortable doll cotton (alias space cotton)

fifth layer: magic cloth

sixth layer: high-end pure cotton yarn dyed fabric

size: length * width * height

single person: 90x90x90 high

double person: 160x90x90 high

three people, 200x90x90 high

square stool: 60x70x45 high

purchase link: Jiexin furniture

recommended reason: simple light blue solid wood fabric sofa can be arbitrarily placed in blue or white Mediterranean style space. The color is very natural and casual

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