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Savage decoration will damage the earthquake resistance of houses

recently, some media reports on earthquakes have attracted the attention of some residents: can the current commercial houses be earthquake proof? Experts from the Hefei earthquake resistance office and the design and Technology Department of the Hefei Construction Commission said that the current earthquake prevention measures for houses are strict, but there are many hidden dangers of earthquake prevention, especially the brutal decoration will damage the earthquake resistance of houses. According to experts, at present, all buildings (structures) must strictly implement the corresponding earthquake prevention laws and regulations stipulated by the state in the whole process of planning, design and construction. Hefei area must meet the 7-degree fortification requirements stipulated by the state

the location planning of commercial housing shall be checked by the Planning Bureau; The design of commercial housing is checked by the Construction Committee; The construction process of commercial housing is controlled by the Construction Management Bureau

commercial houses built in accordance with these three steps must meet the 7-degree fortification standard. Therefore, citizens need not worry that their houses are not earthquake resistant

although the relevant departments strictly control it, experts pointed out that the hidden danger of earthquake prevention still exists. There are three kinds of hidden dangers:

the first is "overnight building" and illegal building, without earthquake protection

the second is the old houses that need reinforcement

the third kind is to transform at will, chisel walls and make holes, and destroy the original structure

the phenomenon of randomly transforming the housing structure is still relatively serious. Many residents blindly pursue beauty in decoration, destroying the main body or load-bearing structure of the housing, making the original earthquake resistant housing become non earthquake resistant

to eliminate hidden dangers, dangerous old houses should be removed or seismic reinforcement should be carried out, but fundamentally, it is necessary to strengthen the seismic awareness of the whole people and improve the comprehensive seismic and disaster prevention capacity




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