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China has become the world's largest industrial robot application market

China's robot industry development report (2018) was released

China has become the world's largest industrial robot application market

our reporter (trainee Han Yangmei, Xin Yu) China's industrial robot market has developed rapidly, accounting for about 1/3 of the global market share, and has become the world's largest application market for six consecutive years. According to the latest report on the development of China's robot industry (2018) (hereinafter referred to as the report) issued by the China Institute of electronics, 1. It is estimated that by 2020, the domestic industrial robot market will further expand to 9.35 billion US dollars

the report describes the trend characteristics and Countermeasures for the development of the global and China's robot industry around the industrial scale, innovation ability, development environment, talent training and other aspects of industrial robots, service robots and special robots

in view of the lack of special solution balls developed for the use objects of instruments nationwide, the overall market shows a rapid growth trend. Among them, service robots have ushered in the golden age, and the development of special robots for post disaster rescue has become a hot spot. The report points out that in 2018, the global robot market will reach US $29.82 billion. Technological innovation Jinan Shijin, the manufacturer of Jinan experimental machine, will introduce to you the following eight categories, mainly focusing on bionic structure, artificial intelligence and man-machine cooperation, involving engineering materials, mechanical control, sensors, life sciences and other disciplines. The United States, Japan and the European Union have focused on the research and development of special robots

domestically, China's robot market has entered a period of rapid growth, and industrial robots have become the world's largest application market for six consecutive years. At the same time, the localization trend of core parts is becoming more and more obvious, and leading enterprises in key areas downstream of the industrial chain accelerate the process of M & A and R & D. The service robot has outstanding highlights, and its intelligence related technologies can be comparable to those in Europe and the United States. The application scenarios of special robots have been significantly expanded, and the growth rate of extreme operation robots is the fastest. In addition, breakthroughs have been made in some key core technologies, and UAVs and underwater robots have formed scale advantages

the report also points out that there are still some problems in China's robot industry, such as widespread price competition around system integration, realistic challenges of cost performance and capital supply for the development of independent brands, the coexistence of profitability and risk of capital, and the emphasis on R & d rather than application in the training of industrial robot talents

in this regard, the report suggests that we should strengthen the top-level design of the development of the robot industry, effectively expand mutual friction during rotation, increase the investment and financing channels of robot enterprises, improve the independent innovation ability of the robot industry, build an open resource sharing platform for the robot industry, orderly implement the application demonstration projects of the robot industry, and improve the standards and testing and certification system of the robot industry, And promote the training and construction of high skilled talents in the robot field

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