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China has become the world's largest producer of lighting appliances. China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of lighting appliances. However, last year, the output value of China's lighting industry was about 160billion yuan, with an export of 10billion US dollars, accounting for only 18% of the global market. Being big but not strong has become a bottleneck in development. Today, the 4th China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum and exhibition was held in Shanghai

liuyanhua, Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, said in his speech at the opening ceremony that semiconductor lighting is one of the important ways to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. Building a strong scientific and technological support system and promoting scientific innovation and technological progress are important means to improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution emissions, and the fundamental guarantee to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, there are still many more than 220 engineers and scientists working in semiconductor lighting. The technology is still immature. The technology development, large-scale production and market development have gone through several cycles of experiments, which require joint action from multiple disciplines, industries and even all walks of life on the basis of the same formula

liuyanhua said that since the 1990s, semiconductor lighting technology has changed with each passing day. The rich color and digital controllability of LED (light emitting diode) will make streets, homes and leisure places more colorful and personalized. The longevity and high efficiency of LED will greatly reduce the power consumption of the whole society and alleviate the serious pressure of environmental pollution; The combination of LED and solar cells will make it possible to supply distributed lighting energy and bring light to remote and poor areas

in order to seize the commanding heights of emerging semiconductor lighting industries and achieve leapfrog development, China's semiconductor lighting industry has been highly valued and concerned by the government, the scientific and technological community and the industrial community. As one of the five national industrialization bases approved by the Ministry of science and technology, Shanghai industrialization base has formed a semiconductor lighting industry cluster with Zhangjiang High Tech Park as the core and radiating Jiading, Songjiang, Yangpu, Putuo, Caohejing and other regions. As of 2006, Shanghai has 105 LED related patents and won a number of science and technology awards to ensure its normal operation. It has also formulated more than 100 national, industrial and internal standards for the optical industry

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