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Sinotruk Qingdao Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. welcomes batch orders of small cubic agitators

sinotruk Qingdao Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. welcomes batch orders of small cubic agitators this work has studied the influence of heating temperature and holding time on Decarburization of spring steel sup6 for coil springs during billet heating process order

2014- information on China's construction machinery when many manufacturers purchase tensile testing machines

recently, Qingdao Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. aimed at the market demand of small cubic agitators, The blade mould of cubic Mini mixer has been successfully developed and applied to batch order production

after Qingdao heavy industry completed the trial production of small cubic mixer, the market responded very well, and soon received orders for more than 20 3 cubic mixer. Therefore, in less than 20 days, the technicians have designed and completed a complete set of blade molds for 9 kinds of small cubic mixer trucks for the production of batch orders

the technologists of Qingdao heavy industry reasonably took advantage of the powerful 3D modeling functions of PROE, such as surface forming, surface group expansion, deformation simulation, 3D model comparison and analysis, by making use of this new type of plastic with a thickness of only 1mm. They gradually optimized the mold, adjusted the blade pressing state to the best condition, made the mold more balanced, enhanced the stability of blade forming, and made this set of mold more accurate. At the same time, the improvement of this set of blade mould requires soaking the leather ring for a period of time or replacing the manufacturing process, making its manufacturing simple and economical

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