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China has become the country with the most serious over packaging in the world

[China Packaging News] many goods need packaging. The most direct function of packaging is to extend its shelf life or make it easy to transport and carry without pollution or damage. In addition to these practical functions, the attributes of packaged goods also give birth to the non practical functions of packaging: packaging increases the attractiveness of products, makes them easy to sell and can sell at a good price, so there is over packaging

the standard for over packaging is that the value of the products packaged and already being made by several enterprises exceeds 20% of the price of the packaged products. In our real life, too many goods are over packaged. Due to the excessive packaging of commodities, the cost of commodities directly increased, and the burden on consumers increased. They spent a lot of money, wronged their money, and bought some useless packaging materials. Take the moon cake as an example: a simple package moon cake can be proved to sell for several or more yuan, and the packaged moon cake may sell for dozens or even hundreds or thousands of yuan. It's really amazing

where: KT -- the temperature correction coefficient provided in the table. Today's packaging materials are not only limited to paper and plastic, but also silk, wood, metal, plexiglass and even crystal with the increase of experimental force. It can be said that they are extremely luxurious, extremely luxurious, and the resulting waste of resources is even more shocking. At present, a large number of commodities in China have the problem of over packaging. More than 30% of urban domestic waste is packaging waste, and more than 50% of these packaging waste is over packaging. China has become the country with the most serious over packaging in the world. The volume of packaging waste accounts for 50% of solid waste, and the annual waste value reaches 400billion yuan. According to the data provided by the Ministry of environmental protection, China produces more than 100million boxes of moon cakes every year, which consumes a lot of wood materials. It is equivalent to that the people of the whole country will eat a large area of forest in just one mid autumn festival. Other experts have calculated that at present, China produces about 1.2 billion shirts a year, of which 800million are boxed, and the 800million packaging boxes need 240000 tons of paper. If we take the trees with a diameter of 10 cm as the standard, every 7 trees can produce 1 ton of paper, and 800million packaging boxes are equivalent to cutting 1.68 million trees

in addition, with the growing trend of commodity packaging, serious price distortions have emerged in the market. Due to price distortions, excessive packaging of commodities has been stimulated. Such a vicious circle has seriously disturbed the healthy development of the socialist market economy. At the same time, the excessive packaging of commodities encourages unhealthy tendencies such as extravagance, waste and abnormal consumption, which is not conducive to building a conservation oriented society and deviates from the purpose of developing circular economy

in order to achieve considerable development and enhance competitive strength, both enterprises and businesses must make more efforts in product quality and innovation. Only by providing affordable goods to consumers can they truly win the market. Relevant departments should also conscientiously implement a series of national laws, regulations and policy provisions on restricting excessive packaging of commodities, and severely punish those enterprises or businesses that violate the provisions to correct the situation. The majority of consumers should improve their awareness and stay away from those over packaged goods, so that they will lose the market and the soil for survival

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