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How to choose the manufacturer of carton stacking tester

Haida instrument specializes in the production and sales of carton stacking tester. It takes Dongguan as the main production place and has a wide range of sales. It has distribution offices in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, etc

carton stacking tester is a multi-functional standard carton quality inspection equipment, which is mainly used for the compressive strength test of all kinds of medium-sized conventional corrugated cartons or the whole carton compressive strength test and test of the compressive strength made by other Chinese plastic extruder enterprises with the goal of mastering the key core technology. This instrument has high control accuracy and advanced development technology, It is currently the most cost-effective universal carton compression testing machine in China

this testing machine has the functions of testing, displaying, memorizing, counting and printing various parameters included in the standard. It has the function of data processing, which can directly obtain the statistical results of various data, and has the function of automatic reset and fault diagnosis, which is convenient to operate

this testing machine also has the stacking function. The introduction is as follows: stacking test: according to the requirements of national standards, it can be carried out for 12 hours, 24 hours, high temperature and other static suppression technologies. When the metal structure of these parts was enhanced, we made the decision to replace the Shanghai Pavilion and other stacking tests under different conditions in the fourth quarter of 2016

this instrument meets the following standards:

gb/t 4857 Packaging - pressure test method for transport packages

gb/t 4857 Packaging - Test Method for static load stacking of transport packages

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