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How to choose a foreign trade B2B platform

the choice of a foreign trade B2B platform has always been a hot topic in the field of foreign trade. Many people have also discussed it on the Forbes forum, and those who are using it either praise or complain; Enterprises that are preparing to choose B2B are confused and do not know how to make a decision

the mainstream foreign trade B2B platforms in the past two years include,,,,,,,,,,, and so on. By checking the traffic statistics of Alexa, you can only see the overall traffic of the station. The breakdown of the specific traffic is not clear, and it is not clear whether there are your target customers in the breakdown. In fact, different subdivisions of traffic, which is about the failure problems that often occur in pressure testing machines, account for different proportions in the overall traffic, constituting the uniqueness of each B2B platform, just as people's personalities are different. It is risky to evaluate the platform only by the total flow. The comments from the Forbes forum are somewhat tendentious, because some commentators may be platform salesmen, so the comments are inevitably biased, so the forum recommendations can only be used for reference. If we can really understand whether each B2B platform has its own target customers in its traffic composition, and calculate the targeted traffic, then choosing B2B platforms based on this is the most effective

the corresponding law between Google keywords and B2B platforms

let's take a look at the promotion methods of B2B platforms. There are two ways to promote B2B platforms (except Globalsources, other B2B platforms with a certain scale are mainly promotion). One is to rely on the natural ranking of search engines to get a good ranking on some key keywords; Another is paid advertising. Google's position in the search engine market is decisive. The new "metamaterials" can be freely changed, which makes Google a promotion place that any B2B platform will not let go. Therefore, the problem becomes very simple. We can know which B2B platform is really suitable for you as long as we analyze the natural ranking and paid advertising ranking of B2B platform industry keywords on Google. That is to say, if you query Google through the main keywords of the industry, a B2B platform often appears in the ranking, whether it is natural ranking or paid advertising ranking, then this B2B platform should be suitable for the promotion of the industry

implementation process of corresponding law

1 Only search your target market

Google's website is very intelligent. It will judge your IP and browser language. If you open IE to search, the results displayed are all for China. If you want to check the situation of your target market, such as the United States, you need to use an American proxy server with an English browser (Firefox, opera, etc.) to query, so that the paid advertisements displayed in the search are aimed at the United States market

2. Keyword selection

the initial keywords should be associated according to the industry, and it is recommended to use Google AdWords' keyword selection tool for auxiliary screening. Try to choose popular words, so that more talents can search. In addition, and are good keyword selection tools

3. Ranking position determines the size of traffic

if you search a B2B platform and cast a lot of keywords about your industry (Adwords ads), but repeatedly query these words and find that they always appear in the reciprocal position, it shows that the traffic of the platform is very small, and basically will not bring you much traffic. But this B2B platform is worth your attention to its subsequent performance. Similarly, if you turn over more than ten pages to see a word in the natural ranking, such a B2B platform will basically not bring too much traffic

4. Subtle long tail theory

if you find a B2B platform in Google, although it ranks very low in keywords, it will be captured by you in the search of many keywords. Then maybe just as the long tail theory says, it will have a good effect

5. Pay attention to search time

when querying the paid ranking on the right side of Google, you should also pay attention to the time period of query. Some B2B platforms only put keyword paid advertisements during working hours in designated areas

6. Publishing skills

after choosing the B2B platform, when publishing products, you should also find the keyword link page you found at the beginning. You should find a way to make your products appear on this page to achieve the best effect

example application of correspondence rule

China is the largest producer of freshwater pearls in the world, and 73% of the world's freshwater pearls are produced in China. Undoubtedly, enterprises in the pearl industry are a large group in China. However, the pearl industry is very professional. There is basically no discussion on how to choose the B2B platform in this industry on the forum, and there is no direct experience to refer to. If you are a supplier who has truly achieved one machine and multi-purpose pearl industry, and you plan to choose the B2B platform, what should you do at this time

first select the keywords corresponding to the pearl industry, such as pearl neck, pearl trademark, pearl jewelry, pearl early, fresh water pearl neck, fresh water pearl jewelry, pearl+ factory, manufacturer, supplier, exporter, etc. Use these words together with the proxy server and English browser to Google in the United States to check which B2B level will appear. 1. Check whether the rotation of the mixer is good before operation. You can get the following table

at a glance, Alibaba and madein China have both paid advertising and natural ranking. Dhgate has a large amount of advertising. Although it can't be found in the natural ranking, after all, dhgate is free. Of course, we should use it, and we should match the published products with its advertising path. Tradekey and sulekhab2b have some effect on natural ranking, but they have not put advertisements on relevant words recently, so they can also be considered. As for other B2B platforms, you can choose according to your own enterprise's financial resources and energy, whether you can do it or not

although it takes time to search keywords repeatedly, enterprises need to spend more time to understand the characteristics of B2B platform industries and spend money on the cutting edge

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