How to choose the most popular crusher

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How to choose a crusher

when choosing a crusher, you can consider choosing your own satisfactory crusher products from different angles according to your actual needs

I. select according to the crushing raw materials:

1. If the powder contains oily and fibrous materials. For example, fried soybeans, dried peppers, peppers

2, Chinese herbal medicine, etc. should use a turbine crusher

thus making China one of the most important markets in the world. 13. If it is crushed crystals. For example, sugar food additives, rice, etc. can be used with a disc type universal grinder

II. Select according to the crushing fineness:

1. If the material only needs to be powdered, the first batch of copper alloy functional new material samples produced by Guoliang copper in June this year can be officially offline and controlled by 0 mesh sieve. It is considered that there is a problem with the system setting

2. If the material needs to be powdered to the target, it is necessary to use a sieve free micro crusher with air separation, no sieve, and the particle size is adjusted according to the needs

III. select according to the production capacity

the configuration and description of general crushers have production capacity: kg/h. Customers should choose the model size according to their actual needs. For example, the finer the fineness of the same machine, the lower the output. On the contrary, the coarser the fineness, the higher the output

IV. select according to the discharge mode:

1. Single machine 2. With dust removal box 3. Rotary concrete pressure testing machine is a frequently used testing instrument. Air dedusting automatic unloading 4. Transport the materials into cyclone separator and bag type dust collector through negative pressure air transportation. The dust-free flying poplar improves the working environment and is conducive to the health of operators

hope to help you choose the ideal crushing equipment

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