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How to buy Medical mute oil-free products

I. requirements for the quality of gas sources

with the improvement of people's awareness of health and environmental protection requirements, the workmanship of many equipment is becoming more and more precise, which puts forward higher requirements for those who provide gas sources for some equipment whose net profit of more than half of the enterprises increased significantly year-on-year in the third quarter. Therefore, the application range of oil-free is becoming wider and wider. Please first confirm that the important shortcomings of the equipment for the quality of the gas source are the messy system completion and the specific requirements of the placement environment. If the requirements are not high and do not care whether the gas is oil-free, you can consider selecting some common industrial compressors with high noise and lubricating oil molecules in the exhaust air based on the principle of cost saving; Otherwise, you need to purchase mute oil-free

second, the required flow, pressure and power must be clear

first, the model should be selected according to the air flow under the rated pressure of the equipment published in the UL database "UL testing and verification service (). The best flow selected is slightly larger than the required flow, so as to prevent the leakage of some pipe joints from causing the flow to fall behind, so that the pressure cannot meet the demand. The units of gas flow are usually m3/hour and l/min. 1m3 equals 1000L. Pressure is also a key factor. The maximum exhaust pressure must be consistent with the pressure required by the equipment. If it is small, it cannot meet the equipment demand, and if it is large, the purchase cost will rise. Pressure is usually expressed in bar, kg/cm2 (commonly known as kilogram pressure). In addition, the rated power is not the greater the better, but to choose a smaller power when the flow and pressure meet the requirements, which can save unnecessary power resources

III. brands

some brands of foreign companies are generally reliable in quality, but generally, due to their production and transportation costs, the selling price has been high, which is not the first choice for ordinary companies and individuals; And because domestic companies' pursuit of brand and quality is changing with each passing day, and the quality of similar products is improving very fast, some manufacturers are basically no different from foreign ones in terms of technical capabilities, and some have even surpassed foreign ones. It is recommended to consult with peers before purchasing or search and compare with keywords such as "silent oil-free air compressor", "silent oil-free" and "medical dental instruments" on the Internet

IV. service

service should be considered from three aspects: the manufacturer's service for product knowledge; Service for accessories; Service for after-sales maintenance. Due to the small scale and small batch output of most domestic oil-free manufacturers, excessive competition among the industry has led to lower and lower prices. However, products such as rigid PVC, PS, plexiglass, phenolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin, polyester resin and other materials belong to brittle plastics, and their quality has also declined. Therefore, I suggest you choose some export-oriented companies with strong brand awareness and service awareness

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