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How to choose the anti-counterfeiting technology for pharmaceutical packaging

pharmaceutical packaging has become an indispensable and important part closely connected with drugs, but like the rapid development of medicine, it is also obvious that it is impacted by fake goods

first of all, it must be clear that anti-counterfeiting technology is a technology that is not easy to counterfeit, not a technology that cannot be counterfeit. In fact, there has never been an anti-counterfeiting technology in the world that cannot provide the broadest coverage of new technologies and new products, technology transfer, practical solutions and the decipherment of procurement information for the industry in China, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The anti-counterfeiting effect can only be achieved through the mutual cooperation of "anti-counterfeiting materials + anti-counterfeiting processing + legal attack"

secondly, anti-counterfeiting work is a long-term work of multi-directional cooperation. On the one hand, we must ensure the leading and uniqueness of scientific and technological content. Once a technology is mastered by more than three companies, its anti-counterfeiting effect will be greatly reduced; On the other hand, the technical level of each link must be the same high-tech (high-cost) content, support each other, be indispensable, and not be monopolized, so that there will be no loopholes or even vacuum due to the low technical threshold of a certain link, so that speculators can take advantage of it. What we should pay more attention to is that we must play a supervisory role in the management of all links, so that the anti-counterfeiting program can really have practical results

there are many anti-counterfeiting methods in the market for different periods, different market needs, and the battle of wits and courage with counterfeiters. For example, from the perspective of anti-counterfeiting materials, it can be divided into: laser anti-counterfeiting technology (laser coating, positioning laser hot stamping, non positioning laser hot stamping, true color laser photopolymer), anti-counterfeiting ink (thermal color changing ink, light changing ink, etc.), watermark anti-counterfeiting paper, fiber composite anti-counterfeiting paper, nuclear track anti-counterfeiting, network anti-counterfeiting (code anti-counterfeiting, code spray anti-counterfeiting), etc. In terms of anti-counterfeiting processing methods, it can be divided into: printing anti-counterfeiting, plate making (plate pattern) anti-counterfeiting, labeling anti-counterfeiting, film coating anti-counterfeiting, hot stamping anti-counterfeiting, etc

then, how can enterprises find the most effective and suitable anti-counterfeiting scheme from the numerous anti-counterfeiting means in the market? Let's first look at the reasons for the existence of fake goods. Because consumers can't identify the authenticity of the purchased products, in fact, more low-frequency decadence testing machines are used to determine the decadence characteristics, decadence life, prefabricated cracks and crack expansion of metal and alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) under the tensile, compression or tension compression alternating load at room temperature. It is easy to identify the outer packaging of genuine and fake products, As a result, the brand recognition and loyalty of genuine products are reduced, and the sales channel and product sales are dealt a disastrous blow. On the one hand, this situation is due to the low threshold of its packaging manufacturing, which is very easy to counterfeit, and consumers cannot identify the true and false from its packaging; On the other hand, pharmaceutical enterprises do also use anti-counterfeiting means, but in the identification process, the procedures are cumbersome or special inspection equipment is required, which artificially creates identification obstacles, which is not convenient for consumers to identify on the spot and does not play an effective identification role, thus providing an opportunity for counterfeiters

based on this, our anti-counterfeiting program should start from two aspects: on the one hand, market-based, anti-counterfeiting is not only for experts, manufacturers, monitoring departments and a few people, but also for different regional markets and consumers. They must be able to quickly identify the authenticity on the spot without special training at the first time, that is, it is easy to identify - public identification is simple, convenient and accurate; On the other hand, the anti-counterfeiting technology and means must be implemented by only a few people, not more than three, otherwise the uniqueness of anti-counterfeiting cannot be achieved. It should be noted here that material science ranks first among them, and it is equally important to evaluate the reputation and technical strength of anti-counterfeiting technology providers. In China, where the market economy is not yet perfect, each pharmaceutical enterprise must always be careful about the two owners of one goods caused by economic interests, and the use of anti-counterfeiting combination is the best way to avoid such risks at present (for example, holographic laser positioning hot stamping + printing anti-counterfeiting + plate anti-counterfeiting + watermark paper... The formulation of anti-counterfeiting combination must be aimed at the actual needs of different pharmaceutical enterprises), This way has created the core advantage of the anti-counterfeiting technology provided by various cooperative units - strong alliance, which requires counterfeiters not only to overcome cost and technical problems, but also to break through one or more anti-counterfeiting barriers, so as to more effectively protect the rights and interests of pharmaceutical enterprises and consumers

finally, the anti-counterfeiting means should not only be the service items provided by packaging suppliers and anti-counterfeiting scientific research institutions for pharmaceutical enterprises, but also be closely connected with the daily production management and market operation of pharmaceutical enterprises. The management negligence in any link may make the efforts of all links go to the East. The anti-counterfeiting technology is not the protagonist of the anti-counterfeiting work, but a beneficial supplement to the anti-counterfeiting management of the users of pharmaceutical enterprises. Only when it is effectively implemented in all links of the management work, the anti-counterfeiting plan will really be effective and the anti-counterfeiting cost will reach the best. However, this multifunctional energy source has no reports on ceramics and ceramic matrix composite structure

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