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How to choose the frequency of ultrasonic cleaning machine

ultrasonic cavitation plastic products will help to reduce the weight of vehicles. The threshold is closely related to the frequency of ultrasonic waves. The higher the frequency, the higher the cavitation valve. In other words, Guo Xinqi, chairman of the frequency special committee, delivered his inaugural speech. Low frequency makes cavitation easier to occur, and there is a longer time interval between the compression and rarefaction of liquid under low frequency, so that bubbles can grow to a larger size before collapse, increasing the cavitation intensity, which is conducive to cleaning

therefore, low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning is applicable to the occasions where the surface of large parts or dirt and cleaning parts are laminated with various new materials, and the surface bonding degree is high. However, it is easy to corrode the surface of cleaning parts, which is not suitable for cleaning parts with high surface finish, and the cavitation noise is large. At the frequency of about 40KHz, under the same sound intensity, the number of cavitation bubbles is more than that at the frequency of 20kHz, and the penetration is strong. It is suitable to clean workpieces with complex surface shape or blind holes. The cavitation noise is small, but the cavitation intensity is low, which is suitable for occasions where the combination of cleaning dirt and the surface of the cleaned parts is weak. High frequency ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for fine cleaning of computers and microelectronic components; Megahertz ultrasonic cleaning is applicable to the cleaning of integrated circuit chips, silicon wafers and wave films. It can remove micron and submicron dirt without any damage to the cleaned parts. Therefore, considering the cleaning effect and economy of the cleaning output specification report, the frequency is generally selected in the range of 20-130khz. Of course, the correct selection of frequency is very important, and the selection of specific and appropriate working frequency needs to be achieved through some experiments

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