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How to choose the industrial connector suitable for your own

with the development of science and technology, people's quality of life is also getting higher and higher. Electronic products such as TVs, computers and so on are gradually popularized into people's daily life, so connectors are also widely used by people. As long as there are electronic products at home, connectors are generally used

in power stations, especially in Outdoor Switchgear, industrial connectors play their unique performance. Often exposed to the sun, wind, dust, rain and ice, provide a safe connection for the control cabinet

on robots, connectors are also indispensable. Due to the existence of connectors, robots become easier to operate and facilitate automation

in production links, such as axis machining centers, boring, milling, and drilling machines used for CNC control, multi axis linkage CNC systems cannot be separated from connectors, and open USB, tcp/ip networks for DNC processing and data transmission

in fact, lathes, plastic processing machinery, printing machines, metal processing and wood processing machinery, electric cranes, semiconductor production equipment, food, and beverage processing and packaging machinery all use connectors to realize the machine connection of power, signals and data

this is a distributed drive product of Siemens. The driver on the left and the motor on the right are connected through an orange cable, and the connectors of Haoting are used at both ends of the cable. It can be imagined that if the connector is not used and the fixed cable is used for connection, the distance between the left and right devices will not only be fixed, but also if the two devices need to be moved or transported, it will be extremely inconvenient to move them together. By using connectors to connect, the two devices can be packed and transported separately, and can be disassembled at any time, which is quite convenient

advantages of connectors

therefore, connectors are interspersed everywhere in our life, either clearly or vaguely. The clearest embodiment is the embodiment of mechanical connectors. Instruments with interfaces at both ends play a connecting role

the various advantages and convenience of the connector have expanded its application fields in life, and also showed a different role. The convenience it brings to our life can not be underestimated. So what are the advantages of the connector

first, the bridge function of the connector and its convenience. The connection function of the connector changes the overall spacing disadvantage of excessive space, connects the combination of large space, realizes the connection between three-dimensional planes from the rigidity of the host, and realizes the unity of planes, which is the biggest advantage of the connector, which is simple and convenient

secondly, the connector is simple and compact. Once a connection problem is found, it is easy to repair and replace; And the upgrading speed of the connector is fast, which can realize the repair and replacement of internal components, which is of more significance for the cost saving and safety assurance of the whole project. Thirdly, it is easy to maintain and upgrade quickly

finally, the flexible design of the connector is also one of the main criteria for us to choose it. The design of the connector is small, easy to install, easy to remove, and ensures its safety and integrity, which deeply reflects the classic theory that concentration is essence

therefore, as an electromechanical component, the connector plays a great role in our life. It provides a bridge to connect systems, subsystems or components, and transmits signals or energy. It is an indispensable product of electrical and electronic products, realizing the combination of this bank and the other bank. Like a bridge, it supports the whole road unimpeded. Since the connector is so important, how can we choose a favorite connector in practical application

how to choose the connector that suits you

in fact, whether the connector is good or not depends mainly on where the connector is mainly used and what performance it needs to meet, because each connector has its focus in design and development, which is the so-called "what suits you is the best". Therefore, if you want to choose a good connector, you can consider the following aspects

1. Type of connector

what to connect and where to use these problems should be considered first, which determines the type of industrial connector selected. Because there are many kinds of connectors, the same company has many kinds of connectors, such as Haoting technology group, including industrial connectors Han PCB connector, i/o connector and various connectors including optical fiber data line system. Therefore, as users, they need to understand their own needs and then choose connectors that can meet their needs

2. Connector performance

after selecting the type of connector, it is necessary to determine what environment the connector works in and what characteristics it needs to meet, such as the temperature, humidity, durability, transmission speed, etc. of the connector working environment. Because even if you choose which type of connector to use, there are many connectors of the same type that can meet different performance, such as Haoting's industrial connector Han? Series, including Han? EMC, pluggable Han? HMC, anti-corrosive Han inox Han with vibration resistance? Es press and high temperature resistant Han? High temp and other connectors. Therefore, the second step of model selection is to determine what performance the connector needs to meet. At this time, the convex ball on the experimental machine should be removed

3. Connector quality

the third step of model selection is also a key step, because at this time, users already know what kind of connector they need, and finally need to determine who to buy. Because different manufacturers produce connectors with different materials and production processes, the quality of the connectors produced in the end will certainly be different. With the increasing demand of users, now different brands of connectors appear around us, so we don't know how to choose. At this time, the power of the brand is brought into play. There are only a few enterprises that do better connectors in the market, which have been tested by years. Therefore, choosing a good brand connector is often equivalent to choosing a good quality connector. For example, Haoting company, which focused on the R & D and production of connectors as early as 1945, is now one of the largest connector and connector manufacturers in the world, and its connectors have also become one of the most popular brands in the market

now you know how to choose the connector correctly. The interconnection between people depends on invisible feelings, while the interconnection in industry needs reliable contact, and the interconnection can be realized through the close connection between machinery and machinery, machinery and non machinery. Therefore, connectors are extremely important for the development of industry, and the selection of good connectors is more important

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