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Linotebo carried out Thanksgiving education activities

the summer vacation is coming. In order to make the children of the company's employees have a meaningful summer vacation, on July 24, linotebo's labor union organized more than 50 employees' children to carry out a unique "factory experience" thanksgiving education activity

in order to ensure the safety of the children, accompanied by the person in charge of safety and the person in charge of the workshop, the children enter the workshop to visit, understand the working environment of their parents, and feel the hard work of their parents. With the explanation of professionals, the children also experienced the labor of fastening the hanger rod of the fresh-keeping box to see if it is a straight cover

after the visit, general manager shaojingbo, executive deputy general manager Bai Xiang, pharmaceutical dispensing balance tuobao production director Shan Dongyang and other company leaders held a vivid training course for the children to teach them how to study happily and efficiently, and how to be a good child who is filial, progressive and grateful. Tonglarsen said experience and training, and the children said with emotion: "parents work really hard on weekdays. In the future, they should share more housework for their parents at home (1) outstanding lightweight advantages, study hard at school, and repay their parents with excellent results."

although the one afternoon activity is short, it is of far-reaching significance. Through "experience activities", on the one hand, children understand the hard work of their parents and know that a happy life is hard won; On the other hand, it has trained children's practical ability, shortened the distance between children and parents, enhanced the feelings between children and parents, and is of great significance to cultivate children to understand the quality of gratitude and healthy growth

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