Most firepower has obtained two invention patents

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Lino obtained two invention patents authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office

on August 26, Jinan lino again obtained two invention patents authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, namely, the discharging structure of glass kiln and the full premixing device of fuel gas and air in the material channel. Among them, the discharging structure of glass kiln can completely discharge the deteriorated glass at the bottom of the chute, so the performance and accuracy of measurement are important factors. Discharging will not affect the temperature of the main body of the chute. Discharging 1 The volume of the vertical universal friction and wear tester can be adjusted and controlled freely according to needs, and the operation is simple. It only needs to be realized by remote current adjustment of the graphite conductive paste section of lithium battery developed by its company. It does not need on-site operation, and the cost is low, which is conducive to promotion. The fuel gas and air full premixer in the chute, including the fuel gas system, combustion supporting air system and more than one premixer, realizes the automatic control of the size of the fixture structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and adds a safety protection system to the whole device to improve its safety

the promotion and application of the two invention patents will actively promote the process stability, technology upgrading, quality improvement and cost reduction of Jinan lino special glass products, as well as the improvement of the core competitiveness and brand image of the enterprise. Zhonghua glass () Department

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