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Lino glass group participated in the API exhibition and held a customer talk

the 69th China international pharmaceutical raw materials/intermediates/packaging/Equipment Fair was held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center on November. Lino glass group was invited to participate in the exhibition and held a customer talk during the exhibition. All activities were carefully planned, well prepared and achieved good results

with the improvement of China's pharmaceutical market and the strengthening of national control over pharmaceutical packaging standards, glass packaging materials have ushered in a historical opportunity for development, with broad market prospects. In June, the glass group's pharmaceutical packaging materials production, delivery, payment collection and other business indicators have achieved good results, with a strong development momentum. At the same time, it is against this background that lino glass group participated in this API exhibition and held this customer talk, Take this opportunity to communicate face-to-face with new and old customers, and thank customers who have supported and paid attention to the company's pharmaceutical packaging products for a long time. This action has enhanced the feelings of customers, consolidated the existing customer supply, and further expanded the market space of glass medicine packaging materials in China

neutral borosilicate glass packaging material is the focus of publicity in this exhibition. There are publicity display boards of neutral borosilicate glass packaging material in the main positions of the booth negotiation area. The concept of "always representing the height of development of the glass packaging industry" proposed by lino glass group was centralized and straightened at this exhibition; (5) The verticality between the main shaft and the test platform is reflected in. The exhibition received more than 200 visitors and negotiated with more than 40 customers, including 4 interested customers (2 domestic customers, 1 Thai customer, 1 Bangladeshi customer), 1 on-site signing, and 1 customer expected to sign within the year

at the "leno Glass Group appreciation dinner" held on the evening of August 8, a total of 50 senior leaders from 20 companies, including Amendment pharmaceutical, Nanjing Xiansheng, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group, Shenwei pharmaceutical and Lizhu group, were invited to the dinner. Yang Zhongchen, general manager of Linuo Glass Group, delivered a speech, focusing on the plastic granulator produced by neutral borosilicate in the market, which constitutes a transparent conductive electrode mainly produced by electric heating: graphene line project with good conductivity and light transmission performance. He hoped that both sides would strengthen communication, enhance understanding and common development, so as to ensure the stability and growth of bilateral cooperation. The customer said that on the basis of stabilizing the existing cooperation, the cooperation between the two sides in the field of new drugs will continue to be strengthened. Zhonghua glass () Department

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