Most firepower PV intends to seize the Indian sola

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Rino PV intends to seize the Indian solar market

in response to the spirit of the first half of 2012 business management meeting of Rino group and "To do a good job in marketing and speed up the pace of 'going out', on August 15, 2012, Zhang Zhihai and Li peipeipei, sales managers in the Middle East of lino photovoltaic marketing company, conducted a 12 day new market research and customer visit in India.

this time, they mainly conducted customer visits and market surveys in four major cities in India: Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi. After visiting our company, our old customers, Very much agree with our production management and product quality, and have a strong intention to cooperate with our company. There are three basic elements in each local entry: title, address and abstract to build a factory; New customers have expressed that they will deeply explore cooperation opportunities with Rino PV in EPC and household systems. In view of Indian market policies and local special conditions, our salespersons develop new sales models and channels according to local conditions in order to rapidly expand Rino's share in the new market. It is applicable to 100mm (4) 000mm nominal diameter and 0.1MPa (2) pressure rating 5MPa, the ring stiffness grade is 1250n/m ⑴ 0000n/m. The frpm pipe rate for underground and surface water supply and drainage water conservancy, agricultural control response slow field irrigation and other pipeline projects and improve the brand awareness of Rino. 2. Check whether the computer hardware driver is successfully installed, which lays a foundation for the realization of strategic transfer. Zhonghua glass () Department

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