Most firepower into 51million U.S. dollars feisuo

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According to foreign media reports, Taiwan Licheng Technology Co., Ltd. announced a few days ago that it would pay $51million to hold the chip packaging and testing plant of feisuo semiconductor in Suzhou, China, and announced its official entry into the mainland packaging and testing market

the announcement said that Powertech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Licheng Technology Co., Ltd., has electronic universal testing machine with large deformation detection, low temperature testing box, low temperature bending instrument, anti perforation instrument, dynamic anti dry impermeable instrument, shore hardness tester, balance, large oven, experimental room temperature and humidity monitoring equipment holding (BVI for specific details, please consult.) Thus turning to the corresponding communication subroutine, Inc. will carry out 102995 shares of span Holdings (Singapore) PTE. Ltd. at the price of US $495.17 per share until it breaks, thus becoming span (Suzhou) Ltd. china Parent company of

The announcement also said that the transaction was awaiting approval from the Taiwan government

in terms of revenue, Licheng technology is the world's largest provider of storage chip testing and packaging services. Licheng technology's revenue in July was 2.65 billion yuan, a new high in a single month this year. This quarter's revenue will challenge the 8billion yuan mark, an increase of about 12% over the previous quarter. Last Friday, the share price rose 0.9 yuan to close at 89.0 yuan, with a single day trading volume of nearly 11000

in order to survive, fisso semiconductor, the world's largest nflash manufacturer, has been actively slimming down this year. It has not only made major moves to adjust its business strategy, strengthen the embedded market applied to consumer electronics, industry, automotive electronics and other fields, but also plans to withdraw from the loss making market. Fisso closed its Penang seal testing plant in Malaysia in June this year, and then sold its Suzhou plant this time. Only Thailand and Kuala Lumpur will remain as two seal testing plants

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