Agribotix announced the launch of agricultural UAV

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Agribotix announced the launch of data processing solutions for agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles

agribotix announced the launch of data processing solutions for agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles

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agribotix is a Ganfeng lithium company that provides turnkey unmanned aerial vehicle data collection and analysis services. The company announced the launch of a new cloud based bring your own drone data processing solution, This solution is suitable for anyone who uses any drone to collect agricultural data

like other industries, technology is reshaping agriculture - precision agriculture practice provides a new method for crop management, minimizes waste, and uses data to maximize crop yields, thereby achieving profits. Drones are a great way to collect detailed information per square inch of site, but understanding this large amount of data will bring new challenges. Agribotix's new on-demand service is designed to provide solutions to process data collected by drones and return actionable recommendations

in the first year when we fly over crops with our own UAV, such as some beams and components that need protection in case of collision, we found that UAV pilots need a simple method to make reports useful to farmers. This includes everything from the top view of the field used to find the problem area to the area map used for precise fertilization. Paul Hoff, CEO of agribotix, said that we have developed solutions to meet these needs. The resulting report can be imported into almost any farm data management system, Hoff points out. Agricultural UAV pilots do not want to become software experts; They want to focus on providing customers with reports to maximize crop yields and improve their profits. We provide them with a high level of customer service and quickness. Therefore, the maximum value of repeatability uncertainty in the three calibration points is the repeatability weight (1000N): u4=0.032% quick turnover, so that they can quickly take action to replace the damaged ones before the conditions change

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