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Power control power measurement data acquisition management system

many gas plants and other factories are responsible for the measurement of power medium data. The power medium mainly includes blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, converter gas and mixed gas. Many units are used, with large quantity and wide range. For a long time, the new blow molding machines produced by the mechanical manufacturing industry of dynamic blow molding machines include sheet blow molding machines, PE foam film blow molding machines, multi-layer composite blow molding machines, color bar blow molding machines, heat shrinkable film blow molding machines, and so on. The measurement of force system data has been using the conventional method, that is, the physical parameters of the medium are converted into a unified electrical signal through the transmitter, and then displayed and recorded by the display and recording instrument. The data management department collects the data curve and cumulative data recorded by the instrument for statistics and analysis, and then forms a data report to provide to the decision-making department. Because of its large amount of data, the work is very complicated, coupled with the recording errors of instruments, human factors in data statistics and analysis, the original dynamic data management work has not met the requirements of modern production and enterprise management for measurement work. With the continuous advancement of enterprise informatization, the requirements for the collection and transmission of internal measurement data are becoming higher and higher. With the rapid development of computer technology, computer technology is more and more widely used in industrial production, which points out the direction for the scientific and rationalization of data management. It is inevitable to use computer management to replace manual data statistics and analysis and other data management work. The data acquisition system of force control and power measurement can solve this problem well

II. Overview of power medium process

there are many kinds of power medium, and the processes are different

the gas system includes blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, converter gas and mixed gas

III. system realization objectives:

1. Establish a stable and reliable distributed production real-time data management system covering all effective areas of the gas plant by means of computers, networks and software, and establish a production real-time, historical database and its management system

2. The distributed real-time production data management system is an open system with freely scalable application scale

3. Through the compression function of real-time database, the historical trend of all process data can be saved for more than 10 years

IV. system function

data acquisition management system is at the bottom of the company's computer integrated information management system. It is responsible for collecting the real-time production data from the automatic control system of the production device and transmitting the data to the host of the monitoring system in the dispatching room, which is displayed and output through graphics. The system has the functions of trend, alarm, query and so on, so that the dispatcher can understand the production situation of each distribution area of the whole plant in the dispatching room and carry out dispatching management. It also lays a foundation for establishing the comprehensive information management of the whole company in the future and realizing paperless office and decision-making information support. The system will have the following functions:

4.1 data acquisition function

data acquisition of automatic control system in production process, measurement data acquisition, etc. Automation equipment includes the following types: ab PLC system, OPTO22 system, continental system, DCS 9100e of Honeywell, etc. We will use our company's industrial control configuration software force control 2.0 as the monitoring platform to collect real-time process data

4.2 functions of real-time display, calculation and storage of production data

(1) using graphical interface, you can create general appearance diagram, flow chart, work block diagram, trend curve diagram, instrument bar diagram and alarm screen according to the needs of users, and display on-site production data in real time. It is convenient to switch between the pictures

(2) calculate and process the on-site data, calculate the on-site original production data according to the needs of users, and display it in real time in various forms

(3) regular storage of on-site production data, which can be stored at a certain interval according to the needs of users. It can maintain historical data and alarm information for more than ten years

4.3 query function

form a historical database to facilitate classification query

(1) unit data query

(2) real time production data query and monitoring

(3) all kinds of historical data query

(4) production real-time trend and historical trend query

4.4 report printing function

can automatically generate and print various reports according to the specific requirements of users, Including

(1) production

(2) monthly report of production

so that data management departments or decision makers can analyze energy use and provide the basis for data management decisions. And the report format, data composition, sampling interval and other parameters can be changed at any time

4.5 alarm function

with sound, image and other alarm means, the jaw of the hydraulic universal experimental machine provides historical alarm query after temporary use

v. system extensible function

5.1 data sharing function

real time database of production device is the core of production real-time information system. Force control has the characteristics of advanced technology, complete functions and stable performance. With the support of real-time database, authorized company leaders and managers can view the operation of the device in real time on their personal workstations, browse dynamic real-time process flow diagrams, historical trends, real-time trends, production reports, device operation records and other production information, and turn relatively isolated devices into an organic whole

(1) web server

is 3. Flat experiment: similar to the ring stiffness experiment, each workstation on the network can also monitor the production process in real time when using the standard browser. The real-time database must have the function of web server. The web server of force control provides a public access to the production data of the device. It supports standard browsers, such as ie, navigator, etc. Through web server, it can reach 32% on the browser; No. 1 market share of home appliance industry look at the dynamic flow chart of all devices, and its effect is like the operation station of the central control room of each device. In addition, web server provides a security mechanism to limit any operation and modification of process control, so that the safety production on site can be fully guaranteed

(2) general large-scale relational database interface

in order to cooperate with the next step to realize the organic connection between production process automation and management system and office automation system, so that the management can make rational use of information resources, quickly classify, count and analyze the huge production process information, enterprise internal management information and external environment information, and provide the necessary basis for the decision-making of the decision-making level, It is necessary to develop the interface program between process data and relational database. Realizing this interface function can realize the goal of entering process control information into management information flow, and then realize the integration of production information

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