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Linuo new materials: upgrading yangmou of "solar thermal Group"

looking back on 2010, as a leading enterprise in the solar energy industry, Linuo's every move has attracted attention

in April, Linuo group reported the restructuring plan, and Linuo new materials purchased the non main coating business and the real estate required for coating production, holding 100% of the shares of Linuo guangre

in May, Linuo new material was officially upgraded and renamed Shandong Linuo solar thermal Group Co., Ltd., which has seven production bases, including Linuo new material, Linuo Jiaxiang, Tai'an Laite, Shenxian solar thermal, Zhangqiu, Zhongyuan and Fengyang

on July 21, the 150 ℃ heat pipe and medium temperature vacuum pipe collectors developed by Linuo photothermal group passed the expert group's identification. It marks a major breakthrough in the utilization technology of medium temperature solar energy and creates conditions for the application of solar energy in air conditioning, seawater desalination, industrial and agricultural heat and other fields

the conspiracy theory intertwined with lino group is fading little by little, and the advantage of upgrading lino new materials to lino photothermal group is emerging little by little. From the beginning of the upgrading of lino new materials to "photothermal group", lino has laid a positive plan, taking the utilization of solar energy photothermal as its main direction of attack, and consolidating its dominance of solar vacuum tubes

technical parameters of force: solar energy market in the eyes of Lenore

the cutting edge or small round bar supported by Lenore is in line contact with the surface of the sample. Lenore group has a clear positioning for the solar energy market, which can be seen from the positioning of its own products by Lenore group: 80 ℃ low-temperature tube, which is applied in the field of water heaters; 150 ℃ heat pipe, used in industrial field; 450 ℃ thermoelectric tube is used in the field of solar power generation. These three stages of solar energy utilization represent three hundred billion markets respectively. The intention of Rino solar group to improve its brand influence through scientific and technological innovation and occupy the medium and high-end market of solar energy solar energy utilization is clear

in fact, Linuo new material has always been the largest supplier of all glass vacuum tubes for solar energy, and its vacuum tubes account for 40% of the national market and 70% of the high-end market. Such achievements are already good, but Rino doesn't seem to be satisfied with its existing achievements. After the upgrade, Rino solar thermal group positioned its brand as the global leader in solar thermal technology, which not only reflects Rino Solar's optimism about the solar thermal market, but also exposes its ambition

the solar energy industry has always been regarded as a grass-roots industry. Low entry threshold and disorderly competition have always been the characteristics of the solar energy industry, and this situation has also affected the thinking of many people. From the first contact with solar energy, they believe that solar energy is low-end and has little scientific and technological content. And lino solar thermal group, out of the shackles of this idea, not only leads the low-temperature market by scientific and technological innovation, but also focuses on the field of solar energy medium and high temperature applications. Through strong cooperation with Tsinghua University, it is committed to the research and development of medium and high temperature technology and opens up a medium and high temperature battlefield for the use of solar energy, light and heat

whether demand creates supply or supply creates demand has always been a problem that is difficult to draw a conclusion easily. And the solar energy industry is indeed a typical industry that supplies and creates demand. From the different requirements of solar photovoltaic for customers, we have clearly changed the new power generation, solar low-temperature water heater to the current solar medium temperature technology and solar thermal power generation, all of them follow the law of supply and create demand. The development process of solar energy itself is a process of substitution of new energy for conventional energy. The future development of solar energy depends not only on the support of policies, but also on the progress of solar technology. Therefore, solar energy technology can occupy as much market as it can reach, which is also the reason why Rino has always adhered to technological innovation, and the breakthrough of Rino solar thermal medium temperature technology is opening up a huge market

medium and high temperature technology starts

including Hybon (R) direct yarn, innofiber (R) innovative glass, tufrov (R) thermoplastic long glass fiber, a variety of plastic reinforced products and all-round industrial and special spinning solar medium temperature technology. In addition to hot steam or hot water for Industry and agriculture with a temperature demand between 80 ℃ and 150 ℃, it can also be applied to seawater desalination, solar air conditioning and other technologies

according to industry estimates, the medium temperature market of solar energy, like the low-temperature market, is at the level of 100 billion. At present, only Rino solar is the domestic medium temperature technology that has passed the expert group's identification, which means that Rino solar will be the enterprise that will dig the first pot of gold in this 100 billion market. According to the law of "the bigger is the bigger, the stronger is the stronger", lino will undoubtedly be the overlord of the medium temperature market. This is also the first time that lino photothermal has proved that upgrading to "photothermal group" is not a concept of solar energy

with the breakthrough of medium temperature technology, the research and development of solar high temperature power generation technology has also achieved results. According to Li yebo, general manager of Linuo solar thermal company, the company and Tsinghua University have also made breakthroughs in the research and development of high-temperature solar power generation steel pipes. The company's new high-temperature power generation steel pipe project in Linuo Science Park has also officially started construction, and has been successfully completed and put into operation by the end of 2010

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