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Paper prices fall? The price of waste paper continues to fall

release date: Source: Chinese paper author: zuohuiqin

march entered the second week, the price of waste paper continues to fall, and the average purchase price of mainstream A-level yellow paperboard and waste page paper is about 2360/ton and 2350/ton. At present, the reduction of paper prices is mainly concentrated in Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places. Zhejiang Jiaxing Shanying paper, yellow waste class a unchanged, other yellow waste reduced by 50/ton; Jiangsu Taicang Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. lowered the price of yellow board paper by 50/ton; Guangdong Dongguan Liwen paper industry, the price of waste paper was reduced by 20/ton, etc. As leading paper enterprises such as Shanying and nine dragons successively joined the "team" of decline, the downward trend of waste paper, like other instruments, further expanded

there is a general shortage of paper after the start-up of the year, and the demand for waste paper and other raw materials, especially the uneven distribution, has led to the rise of the panel with no sign of "penetration" damage (see the above figure). As of this week, the recycling volume of waste paper has increased, the shipment of packaging stations has increased, the inventory of waste paper is sufficient, and the paper price has decreased. "Rare earth has the reputation of" industrial vitamin ". In terms of market demand, due to the poor delivery of finished packaging paper such as downstream cartons and corrugated paper, the paper mills' willingness to purchase is not high, and the small and medium-sized paper mills have a strong intention to reduce prices, resulting in a weak demand for national waste, making it more difficult to raise prices. There is still a tight supply and demand of waste paper in some areas, which belongs to rigid procurement, so the price rises slightly, but the increase is not large, and the fluctuation is about 50/ton. Overall, the overall market price is still in a downward trend

the soaring price of paper has been mentioned more than once in this year's "two sessions" proposal. Many CPPCC members jointly proposed to regulate the price of raw materials, including papermaking, to prevent the soaring price of raw materials. In the long run, the price of waste paper will continue to fall in the future

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