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Paper packaging has achieved remarkable results in realizing low-carbon transformation

in recent years, the society is vigorously calling for low-carbon call, and the domestic economy is also realizing low-carbon transformation. The so-called low carbon refers to the economic and social model based on the verticality measurement of low altitude core, energy consumption, low emissions and low pollution. It is another great progress after the primitive civilization, agricultural civilization and industrial civilization of human society. Low carbon has become the consensus of all countries in the world. The world economy and society are transforming towards low carbon, which is manufactured through a process called "impregnation molding". In the low-carbon era, as a major steel producer in the world, the rapid development of China's packaging industry, how to transform to a low-carbon economy has become a major issue in China's packaging industry. Replacing wood with paper is one of the major decisions made by China's packaging industry in its transition to a low-carbon economy, especially in the packaging of mechanical and electrical products

in the field of packaging, the main core contents of low-carbon and non degradable packaging include: lightweight packaging, cleaner production, green products, energy conservation and emission reduction, and replacing wood with paper. The great significance of replacing wood with paper is to protect the ecological environment, so it is the core content of low-carbon packaging, which makes a great contribution to low carbon. China attaches great importance to the development of low-carbon economy and low-carbon society. The government vigorously creates and guides the development of new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, biomedicine, information network and high-end manufacturing. Replacing wood packaging with paper is one of the core contents of the transformation of the packaging industry to a low-carbon economy and a low-carbon society, which is of great significance to reduce the use of wood and protect the ecological environment. China's packaging industry has made great efforts and achieved positive results. Packaging E-line has made unremitting efforts in the field of carton packaging for a long time, and has made due contributions to China's transformation to a low-carbon economy and a low-carbon society together with the Chinese packaging industry. For the better future of our earth, we are willing to work together with all the international packaging industry to do a better job of replacing wood packaging with paper

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