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Paper packaging: green packaging (IV)

paper packaging form in transportation packaging

corrugated box

corrugated box is the most used transportation packaging container at present. The commonly used corrugated boxes for the outer packaging of fragile products are made of three or five layers of corrugated cardboard

there are generally four types of corrugated cardboard: A, B, C and E. corrugated cardboard of a, B and C can be used to make cartons for the outer packaging of fragile products. The difference is that type a ridge is high and sparse, with low compressive strength, type b ridge is low and dense, with high compressive strength, and type C ridge is between the two. Choosing different corrugated types or different layers of cardboard to make cartons is mainly based on the importance of the contents and the requirements for compressive strength

in the past, due to the backward transportation conditions in China, barbaric loading and unloading occurred from time to time. The domestic demand for five ply corrugated boxes was large, accounting for about 70%. However, in recent years, with the improvement of transportation conditions in China, the application proportion of three-layer corrugated boxes has increased year by year. And with the change of sales mode, the transportation packaging of many fragile products is close to the sales packaging. The design of corrugated boxes is becoming more and more complex, and the quality of printing and decoration is also getting higher and higher. Many of them have been grandly mounted on the supermarket shelves

honeycomb cardboard box

honeycomb cardboard box is a box container made of honeycomb cardboard. Honeycomb paperboard is light in weight, high in compression, bending and shear strength, and has good cushioning and vibration isolation performance. There are three kinds of packaging boxes with honeycomb paperboard as the main material. First, composite packing cases. The outer layer of the box is made of fiberboard or plywood with strong puncture ability, the middle layer is made of honeycomb paper core, and the inner wall is made of straw cardboard; The second is the full honeycomb cardboard packing box. That is, honeycomb paper is used as the sandwich, and the inside and outside are bonded with cardboard; The third is the lined packing box, which takes the corrugated box as the box, and the upper and lower walls of the box are padded with honeycomb cardboard, which has strong shock resistance, compression resistance, heat preservation and puncture resistance

compared with the traditional corrugated box, the honeycomb cardboard box has better mechanical performance. For example, the experiments of destructive drop, heavy stacking, and real loading rolling show that the damage rate of fragile items in the honeycomb cardboard box is 50% - 97% lower than that of the corrugated box; The weight of 600kg placed on the empty box will not deform after pressure test for three months, and there is no need for polystyrene liner; The weight ratio with corrugated boxes of the same specification is 2:5, which can save 60% of paperboard. The popularization and application of this kind of carton will play a positive role in reducing the damage rate of goods in the circulation process and improving the quality of packaged products. Especially for jade carvings and handicrafts with high value, honeycomb carton is the best choice

however, due to the complex manufacturing process of honeycomb paperboard, especially the automatic cartoning can not be realized at present, it is limited in application, and is mainly used for the packaging of fragile products with small batch, large volume and weight

honeycomb paperboard has the advantages of large bearing capacity, good cushioning, not easy to deform, high strength, environmental protection, low cost and so on. It can be prefabricated into various shapes instead of foamed plastic, and is suitable for the packaging of fragile products pointed out by Luo Wen in large quantities. In particular, 5.3. The oil source is equipped with over oil temperature shutdown protection, over oil pressure shutdown protection, and low liquid level alarm. It is a bulky or bulky fragile product packaging

lining plate

lining plate is the most popular form of internal packaging at present. Corrugated cardboard is usually used to cross each other to form a shaped structure, which matches the outer packaging carton in size. According to the shape of the items, cut the corrugated lining board, and then clamp the items in it. The whole process of making, cutting and packing liners can be completed by mechanized operation, which is very suitable for the packaging of large quantities of products

using corrugated liner as internal packaging can provide good commodity fixation performance, avoid the collision between fragile products and reduce the damage rate. Moreover, because the production material is corrugated paper, which is consistent with the corrugated box material, it is conducive to unified recycling, meets the needs of environmental protection, and the cost is also very low

the articles in contact with the bottom of the box have a high risk of damage due to the high pressure. 4. It is relatively high to connect the power supply. Usually add a layer of corrugated separator at the bottom of the box to enhance the cushioning performance. At present, there are also partitions made of plastic on the market. It uses high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP) extrusion or extrusion molding, which has the advantages of low cost, bending resistance, impact resistance, pollution-free, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture-proof and waterproof, and can solve the problem of interlayer packaging that may be encountered in the process of mass handling of beer bottles, ceramics, etc. Compared with corrugated board, plastic clapboard can better adapt to the trends of unloading and stacking mechanization and storage management shelving, and will be more and more widely used

substitute for foamed plastics

pulp molded products can also partially replace expanded polystyrene as a substitute for gb11945-⑴ 989 packaging materials. It is mainly made of paper or other natural plant fibers through pulping, molding and drying. According to the appearance and weight of fragile products, specific geometric cavity structures can be designed to meet the different requirements of products. This product has good adsorption, degradable waste, and stackable storage, which greatly reduces the transportation and storage space. However, due to its poor resilience and shockproof performance, it is not suitable for the packaging of fragile products with large volume or heavy weight

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