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Paper prices have entered a new round of price increases, and packaging and paper mills are moving with the "tide"

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core tip: on January 11, the second day of construction, Zhu Laigen, general manager of Hangzhou Yinxiang carton packaging Co., Ltd., received a letter of price increase from the supplier's paper factory, and the price of raw material corrugated paper increased by about 8%. A few days later, the price increase letter from the second supplier also came

[China Packaging News] on January 11, the second day of construction, Zhu Laigen, general manager of Hangzhou Yinxiang carton packaging Co., Ltd., received a letter of price increase from the supplier's paper factory, and the price of raw material corrugated paper increased by about 8%. A few days later, the price increase letter from the second supplier also came

for Zhu Laigen, it is not the 8% increase that is unacceptable, but the time point of the price rise. "Just started, didn't even receive an order!"

since the end of 2016, there have been reports of rising paper prices. After the Spring Festival, there was another round of base paper price rise in the market. According to statistics, at present, more than 60 base paper mills have announced price increases, and this round of base paper price increases range from about 100 yuan to 400 yuan per ton. The rising cost of raw materials is the main driver of this wave of price rise

like dominoes, this price pressure is transmitted all the way down the entire industrial chain, and finally falls on the paying consumers. In this process, it is not only the end consumers who "talk about the color change of paper", but also all living beings in the industry have their own joys and sorrows

the sadness of packaging materials enterprises: the price increase letter came earlier than the order, and the paper price rose with the upstream "

ZHU Laigen has been wandering in the packaging materials industry for more than 20 years. The enterprise Yinxiang carton packaging mainly provides various cartons for Jinan Shijin in the brand creation, protection and improvement of home appliances, clothing and other industries. At the beginning of the year, he received two price increase letters from suppliers, which made the industry veteran a little uneasy

"even in 2016 and 2017, when paper prices rose more, the price rise period was basically in the peak season in the second half of the year. Now many factories haven't even received the list. It's supposed to be the off-season, so the price rise letter came first."

he judged that this was a signal that the paper price was likely to be even more expensive this year. He said that the carton factory belongs to the third level factory, and the price is often affected by the upstream paper mill and paper mill, so it is very passive to display or calculate by computer. Referring to the price rise of 60% to 70% in the second half of last year, Zhu Laigen was haunted

"there are a large number of tertiary factories, and the competition is fierce. It is almost a price war. Rising prices will easily lead to the loss of customers, and if we insist on not raising prices, it will make the enterprise lose money." He said that if the paper price continues to rise next, he can only choose to raise the price, but a certain buffer period will be left for customers during the period

similarly, Hangzhou carton Ge Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has recently received price increases from many suppliers, ranging from 5% to 10%. "If the increase is about 5%, we will choose to digest by ourselves. If the increase is about 10%, we can only follow the increase." Liu Feng, the account manager, said that at present, the company will try to choose suppliers with no or small price increases, and actively cooperate with suppliers in the growth period to seek support

Hangzhou Fujitec paper products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that uses whiteboard to make composite paper. It is a secondary factory. General manager Lou Yinhua said that before focusing on "new generation information technology and intelligent manufacturing", the price of whiteboard was 3700 yuan to 3800 yuan per ton, about 1000 yuan higher than that at the end of 2016. "As the tide rises, the price of whiteboard given by the paper mill will rise, and we will raise the price of the jewelry and packaging industry accordingly."

it is understood that since the paper giant Nine Dragons Paper issued the industry's first price increase letter before the Spring Festival, more than 60 base paper mills across the country have successively announced price increases

e-commerce enterprises also bear the brunt of the rise in paper prices. "The price of a box for one yuan is doubled by two yuan after the price rise. It is also a big expense to pay 10000 per day." Wang Zhiyong, who sells women's bags on e-commerce platforms, said that in addition to the packaging box, the paper filler in the bag also rose

change paper fillers to inflatable plastic bags, change five layers of paperboard to three layers, re customize the size of goods to minimize the use of paper, simplify signs and signs... In the face of rising costs, most e-commerce companies, like Wang Zhiyong, have made great efforts in "saving money"

pressure of paper mills: the share of imported waste paper is reduced, the price of domestic waste paper is high, and more costs should be paid for environmental protection standards.

paper mills raise the price of base paper, which is logically an active behavior, and there is no need to worry. But Lu Yaming, who just returned from Hong Kong, shook his head in the face of the price list of domestic waste paper, "waste paper in Hong Kong is almost as long as HK $0.6 a kilogram, here is 2.5 yuan a kilogram. Think about it, how much is the cost difference?"

Lu Yaming operates a paper mill producing printing paper in Fuyang, with an annual output of about 20000 tons. Waste paper is the main raw material of enterprise production. He said that small enterprises such as his own are not qualified to use relatively cheaper imported waste paper

the "disqualification" he said comes from the administrative provisions on environmental protection of imported waste paper, which was officially implemented on March 1. The document stipulates that the production capacity of processing and utilization enterprises applying for import waste paper license needs to reach 50000 tons/year. The new national standard, environmental protection control standard for imported solid wastes that can be used as raw materials - waste paper or paperboard (gb16487), was also implemented at the same time, Adjust the general inclusion ratio of imported waste paper from no more than 1.5% to no more than 0.5%. The standards are stricter, and the import share has further shrunk

this means that many paper-making enterprises have to convert their raw materials from imported waste paper to domestic waste paper. For the paper industry, which relies too much on imported waste paper, there is no doubt that the cost rises

"the imported waste paper is about 2000 yuan per ton, and the domestic waste paper has reached 3000 yuan per ton." Lu Yaming said that domestic waste paper is becoming more and more expensive, which puts great pressure on small paper mills, and raising prices is also a last resort

the rising price of domestic waste paper has been confirmed by Hangzhou Shenqi waste recycling chain Co., Ltd

in Shenqi waste recycling stores, the recycling price of book paper is 1.1 to 1.2 yuan per kilogram, that of yellow paperboard is 0.85 yuan per kilogram, and that of the most expensive newspaper is 1.4 yuan per kilogram. Among them, yellow paperboard rose the fastest, and the current price is almost twice that of last March

general manager Li Shenqi told that Shenqi's waste products can recover about 50000 tons of waste paper a year, which will be sold to papermaking enterprises in Fuyang, Pinghu and other regions after reprocessing. He said that the price of waste paper sold at present is more than 2000 yuan per ton, about 800 yuan higher than that at the end of 2016

"a few years ago, we lost some money. In recent years, prices have risen, and the profit margin is a little larger." He said that with the increase in the price of domestic waste paper, the recycling price of waste paper in the market has also increased. To a certain extent, this can improve the enthusiasm of citizens to collect waste paper and is conducive to the recycling of waste paper

in addition to the rising cost of raw materials, the company adopts battel's technology to produce soybean based panacea bioplastics. The increase in environmental protection costs and labor costs of papermaking enterprises will also be passed on to the price of base paper. Huzhijun, head of the Department of light chemical engineering of Zhejiang University of science and technology, said that with the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, some small and medium-sized enterprises have been shut down, and large enterprises are constantly updating energy-saving technologies and equipment. Accordingly, the cost of environmental protection is also rising

consumer bills: toilet paper will also rise as soon as mid March. Saving paper can really save money

in fact, it is not just the base paper industry that relies on waste paper as raw material that is rising in prices. Household paper and cultural paper also began to adjust prices because of the cost of raw materials, but it has not been shown at this stage. Take raw wood pulp, the raw material of household paper, for example. The main tone in the past year is also a "rise"

"Vida 120 paper towels with an original price of 26.5 yuan are sold in 8 packages. After discount, they are only sold for 19.9 yuan, which is much cheaper!" At Century Lianhua Jingxuan supermarket in West Lake Cultural Square, sun Sha carried three bags into the shopping cart

a few days ago, she saw that the rise in paper prices led citizens to hoard paper towels. She said that although it was not clear whether the local price would rise, it was always right to buy more while taking advantage of the promotion

according to supermarkets such as China Resources Vanguard and Century Lianhua, toilet paper and other household paper have not increased at present, and there has also been a wave of promotional activities recently. But in fact, supermarkets have received price increases from some suppliers

China Resources Vanguard said that several major household toilet paper manufacturers have determined to adjust the price of existing brand toilet paper by 10% to 30% as soon as mid March and at the latest in April. The relevant person in charge told that in fact, the price of raw wood pulp in the market has been rising for a long time. Through national resource integration and negotiation, China Resources Vanguard suppressed the delay of supply price rise, ensuring that the supply price did not rise during the Spring Festival

in addition, the price of cultural paper also began to rise. From March 1, the coated paper and double offset paper products of app, Chenming, sun, China paper and other enterprises will all be increased by 100 yuan/ton

in a sense, saving paper can also help you save a small amount of expenses

notes: you may have to go through such a period of labor

facial tissue paper, express box, writing paper... Paper is a necessity of daily life. The eyeful of the word "up" makes me feel a little reluctant to smoke more when I smoke facial tissue paper

during the interview, we contacted a number of paper-making enterprises in Fuyang, the "hometown of whiteboard". Due to changes in the overall layout of the region, many paper mills have entered the "time" of shutdown and relocation. A person in charge of an enterprise told me that the high pollution and high energy consumption characteristics of the paper industry determine the fate of the paper mills to continue to move to economically weak areas, and even withdraw from China's economic sequence in the future

but in fact, many practices have proved that green water and green mountains can also create golden mountains and silver mountains. Huzhijun, director of the Department of light chemical engineering of Zhejiang University of science and technology, said that modern paper enterprises stress scale and ecological benefits. At present, new achievements in energy-saving technology and equipment are constantly applied and promoted every year, and paper mills can also realize green factories and intelligent manufacturing

whether it is limiting the import of waste paper or continuously improving the environmental protection requirements of enterprises, in the short term, it breaks the supply and demand ends, leading to a new round of price increases in paper prices, and all links of the industrial chain are complaining. However, in the long run, this is a measure to eliminate "poor, small and scattered" and a process of constantly concentrating the industry

you may have to go through such a painful period before entering benign development

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