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Paper packaging has the potential to replace other packaging and cover the whole packaging industry.

in the international market, replacing plastic with paper and cloth with paper has become the general trend of the push rod electromechanical product packaging on the guide rail. Some developed countries in Europe and the United States even refuse to accept products packaged in plastic bags. China's cement packaging with paper instead of plastic has been gradually on the right track; The use of plastic tableware has been completely banned in railway catering since last July, and paper fast food tableware has been replaced; In the grain system, paper packaging will also gradually replace Ma Li battery related materials, and the production capacity will be gradually transferred to China. At the same time, the technology of domestic leading enterprises will continue to improve the packaging of bags, plastic bags and cloth bags. It is reported that the packaging made of multi-layer flexible paper materials has a strength that fully meets the requirements of long-distance transportation packaging, and is non-toxic, especially uneven distribution and pollution-free, which meets the international food hygiene standards, especially for "using cheap materials in the middle layer". In addition, the sealing performance of paper bags is better than that of cloth bags and gunny bags, which can not only prevent the seepage of contents, but also prevent the influx of dust. Under the same conditions, Paper bag packaging can extend the shelf life of the contents by months

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