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Paper packaging industry: overcome blindness · adjust proportion

the national paper packaging industry is divided into three types of regions: one is the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong; The second is the Yangtze River Delta region of Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu; The third category is the underdeveloped areas in the northeast, West and Central Plains. The lesson of the ten-year development of China's paper packaging industry is that the proportion of blind overheating is out of balance. Specific analysis and classification guidance should be made for these three different regions

the difference between the north and the south is unbalanced

due to the regional differences in economy, humanities and ideas, the unbalanced development of the paper packaging industry is determined. This is an objective law. Only by correctly understanding and mastering this Law and making correct decisions can we make ourselves invincible

China's corrugated board output has become the second largest country in the world since 2003, surpassing Japan and Europe. Japan's cardboard output has shown a downward trend in recent years, while Europe has stagnated and the United States is developing steadily. For example, in the tortoise and rabbit race, we have come to the front. In a few years, China's cardboard output may surpass that of the United States and become the world's largest country. But even if we become the largest country in the world, we are only a large country in quantity (output), not in quality. Compared with the quality power of the United States, Japan and Europe, the author believes that the gap is more than 20 years. World economic experts believe that China has become the fourth largest economy in the world, catching up with Britain and France, so why does the total production of paper packaging rank second in the world? Because China is a manufacturing plant in the United States, Japan and Europe, with a large number of cheap labor and a large market. Under the global economic integration, the Chinese market, both urban and rural, is part of the international market. The rules of the international market enter the Chinese market step by step. If we are not prepared and do not understand, we will be passively challenged by the new market. For example, a large number of labor-intensive products from developed countries can be imported from China's graphene material preparation in the laboratory, which has increased China's foreign trade by more than 50% in the past decade; A large number of foreign businessmen have invested and set up factories in Chinese Mainland, and the products of foreign enterprises in economically developed areas of China account for half of foreign trade exports. Therefore, it will stimulate the demand for extruded products such as plastic pipes and wallboards. The annual growth of China's carton industry in the past decade has been 18% - 20%, more than twice the GDP growth, which is beyond the normal development

the difference among the three types of regions in China is also very obvious. In the mid-1990s, the gap between the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta has narrowed to about five years. In the first five years of the new century, the cardboard output of the Yangtze River Delta has exceeded that of the Pearl River Delta according to national statistics. What causes this situation? The Pearl River Delta has developed steadily in the past ten years, while the Yangtze River Delta has advanced at a high speed in the past ten years. In terms of quality, the Pearl River Delta started early, has a good foundation, has a new concept, has a superior environment, has developed steadily for ten years, has solid basic skills, has little blindness in development, and has no serious overcapacity; The high-speed development of the Yangtze River Delta, blind overheating, resulting in proportional imbalance, overcapacity, "sequelae" serious. Now the paper packaging industry in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta should be adjusted, but the degree of difficulty and ease is very different. As for the third category of regions and the first and second categories of regions, I think the gap is 15-20 years. All regions have a common problem: it is easy to run enterprises and strive for output, but it is difficult to improve the level and quality. It's like climbing a mountain. It's easier to go up than down

the root cause of blind development

when we analyze the root cause of blind development, we should not arbitrarily blame enterprises. The paper packaging industry in developed countries has a history of more than 100 years, while China has only 30 or 40 years. According to the author's understanding, all countries have experienced blindness to varying degrees when paper packaging entered the market economy. The blindness of the development of China's paper packaging industry is relatively serious, because the practice period of China's market economy is short and explosive, which is an unconventional development, which is the objective source of the serious blindness of the carton industry. Subjectively, our current generation of paper packaging production enterprises are mainly run by farmers. People call them reckless enterprises. Their strength is that they can bear hardships and are bold. In the primary market economy, boldness is king; But their shortcomings lie in their low culture, poor quality, mutual comparison, and short-term vision

adjust proportion · scientific development

the blind development of the paper packaging industry will result in the imbalance of proportion, and adjusting proportion is scientific development. Now compare the development proportion of China's paper packaging industry with that of developed countries as the future development direction, and put forward it for discussion

first, the annual growth rate of the paper packaging industry is the same as that of the economy (GDP). Developed countries are basically synchronized, and the paper packaging industry can slightly increase the economy (GDP) 1 5。 In the normal period, it is reasonable to have both drops and rises. China's economy has developed rapidly in the past ten years, with an average annual growth rate of%, while the paper packaging industry has developed rapidly in the past ten years, with an average annual growth rate of%. The paper packaging industry has developed in a disproportionate way

second, the professional division of paper packaging production. The mechanized production of paper packaging by using advanced production lines in a country or region is a sign of industrialization, but the level of industrial division of labor is different in the initial stage and post industrialization period. The industrialization of paper packaging will inevitably lead to specialized division of labor. For example, the specialized division of labor in corrugated box production is "centralized version making and decentralized box making". There is also a normal proportion of this specialized division of labor: 70% of the paperboard produced by production line enterprises is made by users, and 30% of the paperboard is exported. This proportion is a professional and scientific division of labor, which not only ensures the normal production and reasonable profits of the production line enterprises, but also enables the cardboard to be exported to professional cartons and ensures the quality and due benefits of cartons. However, the proportion of "centralized version making and decentralized box making" in China, due to too many production lines and serious overcapacity, the paperboard processed by production line enterprises has expanded export sales indefinitely, with an average of%, and the sales volume of some enterprises is as high as 80%. This unbalanced proportion causes the production line enterprises to export more paperboards, the profits are smaller, the enterprises of externally processed cartons are more and more, smaller and smaller, the price competition of cartons is lower and lower, and the quality of cartons is worse and worse, Form a vicious circle

third, plate making enterprises of production line and box making enterprises of post-processing. In developed countries, it is a reasonable proportion with conditions. The number of post-processing box making enterprises is slightly more than that of production line enterprises, which is 1:1 5。 The grade of post-processing equipment should be matched with the production line, so as to ensure the quality of cartons. There are too many carton production lines in China, and a large number of cardboard are exported, which stimulates some people who want to make a fortune to set up small factories one after another. Many of them are supply and marketing personnel of production line enterprises. They go out to set up factories to make money. They can do business if they have business, stop if they have no business, and the investment is not large. They can start with a printing slotting machine and a box ordering machine. Small factories often open and close, but the number is increasing. In developed areas, the proportion of large production line enterprises to small processing enterprises is as high as 1 to 20. The blindness of small factories is more serious than that of large factories. The blind development of production lines and excessive quantity can be adjusted, while the blind development of small factories and more quantity will become the object of "revolution". Only by closing the small factories can the paperboard of the production line enterprises return to the normal proportion, upgrade the subsequent processing enterprises, become the supporting facilities of the production line enterprises, and implement the normal professional division of labor to ensure the quality of cartons and common development

fourth, the ratio of 3-layer box to 5-layer box. In developed countries, three-tier containers account for 85% to 90%. Five tier containers and seven tier containers are relatively few. Many auto parts also use three-tier containers. The paper they use is full wood pulp with high strength and low gram weight. Carton logistics is a container. The specifications and standards of cartons are uniformly stipulated according to container requirements, and users make cartons according to unified specifications and prices. However, the proportion of cartons in China is chaotic. In the 1980s, export cartons were strictly made of imported full pulp high-strength, high gram weight corrugated core paper, kraft linerboard cardboard, and 5-7-layer cartons. Since the mid-1990s, people have generally gone to the production line for mechanized production, learned from foreign practices, and proposed that cartons have high strength and low gram weight. In fact, it is in order to reduce costs and emphasize low gram weight, while ignoring high strength, because the high price of high-strength paper affects profits, coupled with users' pursuit of low prices, so that "high strength and low gram weight" is distorted, and users put forward various specifications at will. Chinese carton manufacturers, It has almost withstood hundreds of specifications from users. In China, 5-layer containers account for 80% of the total. Why not use 3-layer containers instead? The author has asked many carton factory owners, and the answer is the same: This is the user's requirement, there is no way

fifth, the consumption proportion of corrugated board production market. In developed countries, corrugated board processing products are diversified: 60% of Japanese paperboard is used for cartoning, and 40% is used for developing other products. If you go to Japan to visit the market, you can find that many products processed with paperboard have become commodities on the market shelves. The consumption of corrugated board in China is unitary, only making cartons, and it has not changed for decades. In recent years, some carton enterprises have begun to use cardboard as products outside cartons, which is called "cardboard continuation products". But it's just a drop of water in the ocean. The author once called on the paper packaging exhibition companies to purchase cardboard abroad to continue the exhibits, and to tour the country. The large Chinese market, the strong imitation ability, and the diversification of cardboard consumption will certainly make great achievements

the central government put forward the scientific concept of development as the guide. We put forward that the scientific concept of development is to overcome blindness and adjust the proportion in the paper packaging industry. Blindness is not science, nor is disproportion. We must use science to treat unscientific and advanced to treat backward. What is the advanced productivity of paper packaging? It is a production enterprise with low machinery cost. Our production line enterprises have mastered advanced weapons and govern this industry with the scientific concept of development. There is great hope that China's paper packaging will move from a big country to a powerful country in the performance competition of thermal insulation materials

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