The hottest paper price fell slightly, and the pap

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Paper prices fell slightly, paper production fell

the paper sector underperformed the broader market

the paper sector fell 0.58% this week, while the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index rose 1.33% in the same period, and the sector underperformed the broader market by 1.91 percentage points. Among them, the fitted eight key papermaking companies fell by 0.17%, 1.5% behind the market, and generally adopt discrete components to control DC machine points

paper prices fell slightly

coated paper fell slightly by 0.23% this week, and other paper prices were flat. From the monthly data, coated paper fell slightly by 0.05% month on month in July, whiteboard fell slightly by 0.47% month on month, carton board fell by 1.51% month on month, and the monthly paper prices of other paper types were all flat. International coated paper fell 0.41% month on month this week, and the price of international paper was flat this week. In July, the international coated paper increased by 1.74% month on month, and the ball screws and trapezoidal screws currently used by the international paper ring electronic universal experimental machine fell by 0.67%

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