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Sinomach has developed China's largest tonnage LNG off highway dump truck gkp80g

a few days ago, Sinomach heavy industry (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. newly developed gkp80g LNG gas powered off highway dump truck. It is reported that this vehicle is the largest tonnage LNG off highway dump truck in China, and it is only the difference between gkp80c and gkp80c. Its fuel economy is obvious, and its power cost is reduced by more than 30% compared with that of diesel of the same power

in addition, Sinomach has comprehensively upgraded the frame, axle and carriage of gkp80g, and equipped with engineering muffler and cab airbag damping system, which has significantly improved the comfort and reliability

the LNG engine produced by the same factory and the engine lubricating oil with the same tonnage and the same driving distance of 1000 km, 2000 km and 3000 km are sent to Guangdong Machinery Industry oil inspection and Evaluation Center for inspection. It is shown that the overall performance of the LNG experimental system is equivalent to the technical level of the products of the internationally famous dynamic experimental machine company, and the mileage of engine oil change can be doubled. Gkp80g extends the cycle of engine lubricating oil, saves expenses, and has low maintenance cost. It will be pursued by the market. As we all know, Sinomach is the only large-scale enterprise with national prefix in China's construction machinery industry, and its dump truck has gradually replaced imported vehicles with superior cost performance. The port dump truck has evolved from the traditional dump truck according to the specific working environment in the past two years. Sinomach heavy industry has accumulated military technology and engineering machinery technology for many years, and has a deep foundation in product technology research and development. The export grade of products has been improved. Sinomach dump truck also inherits and carries forward the excellent quality of the traditional dump truck, and adds the engineering concept, which has incomparable advantages over other products, It will certainly become the first choice of imported equipment in the national food safety standards for the majority of users to replace all kinds of products

about Sinomach

Sinomach heavy industry (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. was officially renamed from the original Yituo (Luoyang) Construction Machinery Sales Co., Ltd. in November 2011. It is a member enterprise of China National Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. under China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. It is one of the earliest and most professional R & D and manufacturing bases of construction machinery products in China. Sinomach heavy industry is the production base of construction machinery, mining machinery and automobile lifting machinery. It is famous for its high reliability, strong power and extraordinary loading capacity. Sinomach dump truck embodies this quality incisively and vividly

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