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core tip: Recently, the semi annual report of Chinese paper giant Shandong Chenming paper industry has attracted extensive attention from the industry. What attracts attention is not how bright the growth of its revenue and performance is, but the dizzying pace of the company's entry into the financial sector

[China Packaging News] recently, the semi annual report of Shandong Chenming paper, a Chinese paper giant, has attracted extensive attention from industry insiders. What attracts attention is not how bright the growth of its revenue and performance is, but the dizzying pace of the company's entry into the financial sector

at present, the company has formed a second major financial sector jointly built by financial leasing companies, finance companies, Shanghai Lide Internet financial platform, zhuhaidechen new third board fund, and participation in Shanghai Zhongneng, which will become a great attraction in 2015

in recent years, papermaking, packaging and printing giants have tried to water the financial field

in fact, Shandong Branch of test water gold materials Institute will help Shandong Huayu embark on a new journey of alloying transformation and upgrading in platform construction, scientific research and development, project application, market research, talent training, etc. The papermaking and packaging and printing giants in the financial field are far from Chenming alone, and some powerful industry leaders in China have long been eyeing this huge cake

in July 2015, Liwen paper, China's second largest paper giant, announced that it would attract 100 strategic partners in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong Province! As long as the five conditions proposed by Levin are met, you can obtain the venture fund of no less than 500000 provided by Levin, including but not limited to a luxury office, reception room, business van, supporting computers and office equipment, paper towels, diapers, sanitary napkins and other commodities with complete functions and a beautiful high-end product exhibition hall and high-tech video system, The highly competitive salary of the strategic partner himself and the team of no less than 10 people for half a year. After the half year free support period, partners can also choose to sign a contract with Liwen to carry out business cooperation. Liwen provides interest free loans or installment payments to support their entrepreneurship! The essence of this strategic measure of Liwen is also a kind of financial platform service

on July 12, 2015, meiyingsen announced that the company plans to raise no more than 2.65 billion yuan. 3. During the stress test, it will be used for the construction and development of 4.0 smart factory projects in the packaging and printing industry, financial service platforms, Internet packaging and printing cloud platforms, and smart packaging IOT platform projects. The company announced that one of the four functional modules of mayingsen ecosystem is the financial service platform

on May 21, 2015, Hexing packaging said during its research in several institutions such as China Southern Fund, CCB fund and Boshi fund that the company would actively explore Internet supply chain finance and strengthen M & A integration. Hexing said that according to its own industry resource advantages, the company will cooperate with enterprises in some industries, take win-win as the goal, take capital as the link, and take resource integration as the means of risk control, and actively explore Internet supply chain finance

why are papermaking and packaging enterprises testing finance

the world is bustling, all for profit! Chenming, Liwen, Hexing, meiyingsen and other leading enterprises to enter the financial field is obviously not an impulsive move with a hot head

we know that in the past few decades, the huge deposit loan gap and the high threshold formed by the state monopoly have made China's financial industry a full profiteering industry. At the 2011 Global Entrepreneur Summit Forum held in Beijing, Hong Qi, President of Minsheng Bank, said: corporate profits are so low, bank profits are so high, so sometimes our profits are too high, sometimes we are embarrassed to announce

in recent years, the ice has begun to break. The state has tried to reform the financial system and encouraged some private capital to participate. Although the bad debts of China's financial industry have formed a huge barrier lake, and the risk is increasing, it is still a fertile grassland compared with a desolate physical industry. So some powerful private capital participated in one after another, hoping to share this last dinner

Chenming paper believes that carrying out financial business can better promote the company's diversified development strategy, further expand the company's business scope, create conditions for the development of the company's financial sector, increase the economic value of the financial sector, and thus maximize the company's market competitiveness and profitability

in fact, Chenming financial leasing company has begun to contribute a lot of performance. Although the financial leasing business only started in August 2014, it realized a net profit of 84.0834 million yuan that year. At present, the average monthly profit contribution is about 30million yuan, which has greatly exceeded the profit of its first major papermaking industry

in recent years, under the condition of meager profits in the real economy, the bosses of real enterprises have abandoned their entities and invested in real estate, stocks and futures. The risk of collapse of the economy of the whole country is increasing day by day. However, the enterprises represented by Chenming, relying on the strong advantages of physical enterprises, provide financing services for their supply chain and even physical enterprises outside the supply chain through financial platform services, which is conducive to alleviating the adverse situation that China's monetary finance is increasingly separated from the real economy and the capital allocation is obviously distorted

therefore, enterprises such as Chenming, Liwen, meiyingsen, Hexing, etc. have both reality and reality, and the business model of using finance to support entities is worthy of strong promotion by the state

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