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In recent years, China has proposed the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry to move towards the middle and high-end. But as the saying goes, "if the foundation is not strong, the earth will shake and the mountains will shake". How well the industrial foundation is built determines to some extent how far made in China can go. At the "2016 Forum on promoting the strategy of building a strong industrial base in China" held today, it was learned that China's industry is accelerating the "foundation building", and small enterprises are expected to play an important role in it

China has the term "strong industrial base". Here, "base" means foundation. At present, there are four foundations highlighted, namely, core basic parts, advanced basic technology, key basic materials and industrial technology, which are referred to as the "four foundations" of industry. "Four bases" directly determine the performance and quality of industrial products, and are the foundation of the overall quality and core competitiveness of industry

in recent years, China has paid more and more attention to the strong industrial base, and has issued a series of guiding opinions, guidelines and catalogues. At the same time, the Ministry and province are linked, and the investment is also increasing. Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that through efforts, a number of "neck sticking" problems have been preliminarily solved

Xin Guobin: new progress has been made in the field of core basic parts, such as Zhejiang Xizi aviation fasteners. At present, some electronic tensile testing machines in the market have adopted reducer Co., Ltd. to successfully develop high-end aviation fasteners such as aluminum alloy, copper nickel alloy drum type blind rivets, breaking the monopoly of high-end aviation fasteners. A medical equipment project leader Kalou pointed out in an interview: "Now our materials do not have sufficient strength, and the bottleneck problem of batch of key basic materials has been solved. Some advanced basic processes have made important progress, and the industrial technology foundation has been continuously consolidated.

however, Xin Guobin pointed out that the situation of China's weak industrial foundation has not been fundamentally improved. This is a deeper experience of quxianming, member of the expert advisory committee of manufacturing power.

quxianming: for example, we have made great progress in the past few years This kind of aircraft can be described as blowout. However, a regrettable problem is that it is OK to use dry ice. We can't solve the problem with a high-power engine suitable for the needs. The key to the engine problem is that the high temperature resistant blades there can't be solved

it can make all kinds of planes, but it can't make a small blade in the engine. There are many cases, such as it can make all kinds of chips, but it can't make chips in the engine; It can make all kinds of construction machinery, but it can't make the motor inside

of course, some people say, yes. 5. Can we directly introduce these technologies from abroad? Qiu Yongning, general manager of Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic Co., Ltd., answered this question with his own experience

Qiu Yongning: Toshiba hydraulic once had a bad business and was about to go bankrupt. At that time, our bid was about twice higher than that of a Japanese company. We talked with them for two rounds. What was their final reply to us? They said, because of some unexplainable problems, we can't sell it to you, although your price is relatively high

how can domestic enterprises become stronger in the face of foreign technological blockade? Many people believe that the key is to see the leading role of large enterprises, especially large state-owned enterprises. However, quxianming believed that those "little giant" enterprises with flexible systems and mechanisms and focused attention were more promising. When talking about a case of private enterprise bosses engaged in technology research and development, he seemed a little excited

Qu Xianming: look at that boss, he is also shabby, but he invested 900million of his life savings. He said to himself, I didn't leave money for my son, and I left a little money myself. In case this thing messed up, I'm going to provide for the elderly, and I'll invest everything else. I visited nearly 100 such enterprises in southern Jiangsu and Ningbo last year and this year. After reading them, I feel that China's basic problems are expected to be solved. And how to solve it? It depends on these entrepreneurs, especially the small giant enterprises such as private specialized, refined and special enterprises. Moreover, they will grow into giants of the world in the future

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