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Meili Paper: three quarter pre increase paper industry pioneer

for the securities market, performance and growth ability are the turbine engines that really drive the rise of stock prices. Recently, the state-owned enterprise shares in the Hong Kong market have risen sharply, which is basically based on the fact that the state-owned enterprise shares can benefit from the strong growth of the domestic economy to the greatest extent, and the popularity will further expand. As the results of the third quarter are about to be announced, we should focus on the industry sectors and low-cost stocks that are expected to grow in the third quarter. We believe that paper stocks deserve special attention, such as Meili Paper (000815)

first, the strong recovery of the paper industry in the international market is expected to stimulate the domestic market. According to foreign news, paper prices in the United States and Europe have increased to varying degrees, and there are signs that this upward trend may be further strengthened. Specifically, in the U.S. market, pulp prices are rising rapidly. Among them, the price of bleached broad-leaved kraft pulp in the north also increased from $400/ton in March to $560/ton at present, with a rise of 40% in half a year. In particular, with the development of international paper industry 3 and the industry before the startup of bellows ring stiffness testing machine, paper stocks in major stock markets around the world have stepped out of the bull market. As for the domestic market, in recent years, the output and consumption of paper and paperboard in China have maintained an annual growth rate of about 8%. At present, the production and sales volume have ranked second in the world. But even so, from a per capita perspective, our per capita paper consumption in 2002 was 33 kg, only half of the world average, while the level of the United States, Japan, Canada, Finland and other countries is roughly times that of China. Therefore, the development potential of domestic paper industry is quite huge. Secondly, the company is the flagship of the paper industry in the western region, and is expected to give full play to its strength in the development of the western region and the domestic economy. As one of the largest backbone paper-making enterprises in Northwest China, Meili Paper is listed as a large-scale enterprise with key support by the people's Government of Ningxia Autonomous Region, and the market share of medium and high-end cultural paper ranks first in the local area. The net asset per share of the company is 4.87 yuan, and the capital reserve per share is 2.48 yuan, which has high gold content and strong capital stock expansion ability. At the same time, most products of the company are in short supply and sell well in the market, especially the development and production of carbon free copy base paper, double offset paper and electrostatic copy paper, which fills the gap in the paper industry in Northwest China. After the completion and operation of the 51000 ton/year deinking and bleaching pulp technological transformation project of waste paper and 30000 ton/year micro coated printing paper, which were previously funded by Meili Paper, not only have good economic benefits been generated, but also have the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection sought after by the market

it is worth noting that the forest paper integration project, which has a great impact on the follow-up development of Meili Paper Industry, is based on the resource advantages of Ningxia. Part of Ningxia is located in the middle and upper reaches of the Yellow River. In addition to rich water resources of the Yellow River, groundwater resources are also very rich, and the suitable forest land area is more than 10million mu. Meili Paper plans to build a million mu papermaking raw material forest in Ningxia and a 500000 Mu reed base in Xinjiang, so as to build a high-end cultural packaging paper project with an annual output of 1million tons, and extend the development of related industries, so that the total assets of Meili Paper will exceed 10 billion yuan and enter the ranks of large papermaking enterprises in the world. At the same time, Meili Paper will also go forward in many industries, make full use of a series of preferential policies given by Ningxia Autonomous Region to the industrial park, create a good external environment, continue to expand investment, drive related industries and industries to settle in the park, and develop desert eco-tourism

finally, the company's charming performance will give unlimited power and passion to the stock price. The company's semi annual report of 2003 was a bright spot. In 2003, the company achieved earnings per share of 0.182 yuan, a substantial increase of 92.58% over the same period last year, and its performance showed a significant rebound momentum. In the first half of the year, the main business income was 31.11 million, with a year-on-year increase of 36.82%. The main business showed a rapid expansion trend. From the perspective of main business composition, medium and high-end cultural paper has become the most important business, accounting for 82.72% of the main business share. Due to the relatively stable profitability of medium and high-grade paper and the rapid growth of this business, it has become an important reason for the substantial growth of the company's performance in the first half of the year. At the same time, the semi annual report also disclosed that since the 2640 workshop of the company began production and generated economic benefits, it will still increase by more than 50% year-on-year in the third quarter

in terms of trend, the stock has maintained a shock bottoming pattern recently, and the trend is exceptionally stable, showing signs of repeated absorption of funds. At present, the moving average system is fully sticky, and the short-term trend is gradually stronger. In view of the good fundamentals, the medium and long-term market can be concerned in the future

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