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Paper packaging to meet the needs of environmental protection has become a new trend of food packaging

the use of plastic as packaging material is an important symbol of the development of modern technology. With rich sources of raw materials, low cost and excellent performance, it has become the fastest growing and huge consumption packaging material in the world in recent 40 years

however, plastic packaging materials used in food packaging have obvious shortcomings. So, will the future food packaging be dominated by paper packaging or plastic packaging

in the modern packaging industry system, paper and paper containers occupy a very important position. In China, paper packaging materials account for about 40% of the total packaging materials. From the perspective of development trend, the consumption of paper packaging will be increasing. In Japan, especially many food traders have gradually abandoned plastic packaging

plastic packaging increases the burden of environmental protection

according to the data, there are two reasons for the failure of insufficient oil discharge after the starting of the oil pump in the pendulum impact experiment: the amount of plastic used for food packaging accounts for 1/4 of the total plastic output, which is easy to be said in the announcement of Xinneng. As soon as the plastic used for food packaging appears, garbage will be generated

in supermarkets and shopping malls, 32 logistics partners around the world, such as "four connections and one access", China Post, FedEx and so on, are united. Many food packages are made of plastic. The plastic inflatable packaging of puffed food can be moisture-proof, oxygen proof, on-site, fragrant, block sunlight and prevent extrusion, but such a large packaging is a great waste of resources; There is also the packaging of instant noodles. Plastic packaging is far more than the packaging of paper bowls (or barrels). The sales price of bowls or barrels of instant noodles in the market is generally higher than 1/3 of the sales price of packaged instant noodles of the same quality. However, because this packaging method is convenient to eat, especially when traveling, it can be eaten directly by boiling bubbles after opening the cover, and there is no need to bring other containers, so it is very popular with consumers

with the improvement of environmental protection requirements, it is necessary for consumers to eliminate backward packaging. The improvement of plastic materials is also a top priority. The food in the market segment can be packaged in paper, so as to reduce the waste of plastic and environmental pollution, which is also beneficial to future generations

paper packaging is more popular with consumers

today, with people's increasing awareness of environmental protection, the requirements for packaging are becoming more and more "high", and packaging using recycled materials as raw materials is also becoming more and more popular. The United States 100% recycled cardboard alliance conducted a market survey. The survey results showed that more than half of consumers pay more attention to enterprises whose products are packaged with recycled cardboard

in the same case, they are also more willing to buy household consumer goods packaged with recycled cardboard. Consumers hope that more paper packaging can use recycled cardboard, and more packaging can be marked with the symbol of 100% recycling. 85% of consumers believe that using recycled packaging materials is "conducive to the future of children", and 80% of consumers believe that buying 100% recycled cardboard packaging products is "making contributions to environmental protection"

consumers have a high evaluation of enterprises that use 100% recycled cardboard, and believe that enterprises that use recycled cardboard have a sense of environmental protection. In terms of product quality, attractiveness and performance comparison, more than half of consumers believe that there is no difference in quality between using recycled cardboard and using new cardboard for packaging, even if the former is better, and there is no big difference in product attractiveness

source: sugar and Wine News

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