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The paper packaging market is developing rapidly

in the next ten years, the paper packaging industry will still be in the adjustment and growth period of development. With the development of the global economy, the paper packaging market has a huge development space

in recent years, domestic and foreign brand products and export products have higher and higher requirements for the quality and printing of cartons and cartons, which has continuously improved the quality level of paper packaging. First, the carton transportation packaging is gradually developing to commodity packaging. The carton printing text and pattern requirements are clear, and the two colors are gradually developed to three and six colors. The chromatic registration is accurate, and the point is developed from line 60 to line 80. At the same time, the packaging printing and starting electromechanical brush have high mechanical accuracy, and the flexible packaging printing is developed. Second, packaging white paperboard gradually replaces gray paperboard. Develop white background color printing. Replace oily ink with water-based ink, so that the surface of the packaging box is beautiful, clear and bright. The printing technology is high, which improves the added value of the product and meets the requirements of environmental protection. In the next ten years, the paper packaging industry will still be in the adjustment and growth period of development. With the development of the global economy, the acceleration of urbanization, the improvement of people's living standards, and the upgrading of consumption structure, the supply and demand of the paper market will still grow rapidly. The paper packaging market has a huge space for development

paper packaging has developed rapidly

since the reform and opening up, with the continuous growth of national GDP, foreign investment and import and export trade have developed at a high speed, which has led to the advanced development of paper packaging in China. By 2005, there were more than 1000 domestic packaging enterprises, and the total output value of China's packaging industry reached 300billion yuan, increasing at an average rate of 8% per year, of which paper packaging products will reach 20million tons, increasing at an average rate of 9% per year. In the modern packaging industry system, paper and paper containers occupy a very important position. At present, China's paper packaging materials account for about 40% of the total packaging materials. From the perspective of development trend, the amount of paper packaging will be more and more. Historically, the fabric reinforced composite 1 has always been the preferred material in the aerospace field. According to the prediction of relevant planning departments, it will reach 27million tons from 2006 to 2010 and 36million tons from 2011 to 2015. From 20hd5 to 2010, the growth rate of the European carton market will reach about 1.8% per year. In addition to this natural growth, the growth of carton packaging will also be reflected in the following areas: easy shelf packaging, cluster packaging and display packaging. Easy to shelf packaging requires high visual appeal to meet the requirements of easy to shelf, especially providing development opportunities for cardboard box and micro corrugated box packaging. Another development area of carton packaging is the independent brand department. In this department, retailers will continue to launch their own brands while competing more directly with strong brands and further understanding high-quality carton packaging, which will have a positive impact on the application of carton packaging

great advantages of paper packaging

at present, there are quite a lot of packaging types in the market, from the material point of view: paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, etc. Among the four main materials of modern packaging, paper and plastic packaging are widely used in daily life because they are cheap, easy to process, and have a wide range of raw materials. They are not as fragile as glass and not as heavy as metal

compared with glass bottles and plastic containers, carton packaging has the advantage of being opaque. This advantage will not change. Therefore, using it to package milk food will not affect its taste or flavor, nor will it cause vitamin loss. Another advantage of carton packaging for fruit juice and other foods is that it can eliminate the influence of oxygen and prevent the deterioration of food quality. Another advantage is that the weight is light. Generally, the packaging weight of a 1-liter carton is about 30 grams. It is only less than 3% of the total amount of products. At present, the basic trend of packaging has shifted from glass bottles and containers made of other materials to plastic and paper materials. Moreover, compared with the use of new materials, the current mainstream is to reduce the amount of materials used. At this point, carton packaging is much better than glass and plastic

new progress in paper packaging technology

nowadays, the functionality of paper is not what it used to be. It has high strength, good moisture resistance and printability, so the carton packaging technology has made great progress. In addition, the recyclability of easy recycling and recycling of cartons has become a trend packaging

in July, 2006, Tetra Pak, the world's leading supplier of food and beverage processing and packaging systems, announced the following summary of common faults encountered: Jinan shijinzhen made the following summary of this type of fault. Tetra Pak Aptiva sterile packaging was launched - this is the world's first sterile paper bottle. Tetra Pak Aptiva aseptic packaging combines the paper bottle body with the plastic top and screw cap. This is a very unique and innovative normal temperature packaging. Tetra Pak Aptiva sterile paper bottles can be produced on the newly designed Tetra Pak A5 filling machine. This machine can produce two models: personal and family. Both models can be used to package fruit juice drinks, non carbonated drinks and liquid dairy products. Tetra Pak Aptiva sterile paper bottles are specially used to replace plastic bottles. Compared with the packaging line of sterile plastic bottles (APET) and sterile high-density polyethylene plastic bottles (ahdpe), they can save 20% - 50% of the operating costs for beverage manufacturers. Calculated with the same capacity, the total investment can be saved by more than half

sig Combibloc (combebroc. Or Kangmei bag) stands out from the traditional square packaging image. The products are packed in sterile filling cartons with new shapes and have been listed. The company has about 40 kinds of sterile carton packaging products in different shapes, from which users can choose the most suitable carton packaging form for their products

food insulation packaging paper is one of the products urgently needed in the market. This kind of paper should have the function of keeping the cooked food fragrant and fresh after wrapping it. It is convenient for people to eat it, so as to adapt to the fast pace of modern life. The principle of this kind of insulation paper is that it can convert light energy into heat energy like a solar collector. Usually, people only need to put the food packaged in the paper in a place where the sun can shine, and there will be heat added continuously, so as to keep the food in the paper warm

the birth of paper cans overcomes the disadvantages of aluminum cans, such as high price and environmental pollution, and will be widely used in chemical, food, drug and other packaging. Its raw materials can also be used to produce cardboard boxes, paper cups, cartons and other products. Relevant experts predict that the annual demand for paper cans in China will gradually reach 15billion. Its market prospect is very broad

problems in the paper packaging industry

the quality of paper packaging is not high. In recent years, China's paper packaging has achieved rapid development, but compared with the international market, it still lags behind. Although China's paper packaging products have the fastest growth, they still cannot meet the needs of exports and high-end goods in terms of variety and quality. Therefore, about 1/4 of the gap still needs to be solved by imports. The performance and cost of packaging paper, paper packaging machinery and packaging technology, paper packaging container design and other aspects need to be further studied, which involves the cooperation of papermaking, machinery, packaging and other industries

unreasonable product structure. Around the new century, due to blind development, there were too many corrugated production lines, serious overcapacity, serious decline in enterprise efficiency, and serious deterioration in the market environment. At present, there are 4000 corrugated production lines in China, which has exceeded the total number of production lines in the United States, Japan and Europe. According to market demand, there is a surplus of 2/3. The corrugated board production enterprises in China should move towards high-grade Scale up. Concentrate on large enterprises by improving the grade of equipment. Eliminate small equipment for small enterprises. Make "Centralized plate making, decentralized box making, professional division of labor has reached the level of industrialization. The new concave convex paper, with its unique advantages irreplaceable by corrugated paper and honeycomb paper, is rising rapidly and has broad market prospects.

environmental protection needs to be strengthened. Because plastic packaging materials are not easy to degrade by themselves, it will cause environmental pollution and other problems. Relevant people believe that paper is the green packaging material with more development prospects. Japan. Especially Many food traders have gradually abandoned plastic packaging. Recently, an article has analyzed the processing process of paper packaging and plastic packaging. The conclusion is that paper packaging is not as good as plastic packaging in terms of water and electricity consumption in the processing process and the friendly heart of the processing environment as the host. It can be seen that the so-called environmental protection of paper packaging is only from the material itself. Plastics have irreplaceable advantages over other packaging materials. A complete ban on plastics will cause greater packaging pollution. China's forest resources are limited. It is also difficult to control the pollution of papermaking with other raw materials. It is neither realistic nor environmentally friendly to fully implement the replacement of plastic with paper. Paper and plastic will coexist in food packaging for a long time

promote the recycling of paper packaging

good news from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places. With the support and promotion of Tetra Pak company, manufacturers can turn Tetra Pak bricks, Tetra Pak pillows and other composite paper packaging left after drinking milk into a wealth of daily necessities, building materials and production materials with the help of advanced recycling technology. In Beijing, investors have negotiated with more than 300 waste collection stations for recycling, and have received strong support from the Balizhuang sub district office of Chaoyang District, Beijing. The recycling of composite paper packaging will be carried out in seven subordinate communities

composite paper packaging, which is widely used in the milk and soft drink industry, is made of paper, plastic, aluminum and other multilayer materials for aseptic preservation. Tetra Pak brick contains more than 70% long fiber pulp and 20% plastic. Previously, it was difficult to recycle, separate and reconstitute pulp due to technical reasons. Therefore, it can only be used as garbage incineration or landfill. Now, the new recycling equipment can effectively separate various materials of composite paper packaging, produce pulp and plastic particles, and turn waste into treasure

today, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people have higher and higher requirements for packaging. Packaging with recycled materials as raw materials is also becoming more and more popular. The United States 100% recycled cardboard alliance conducted a market survey. The survey results show that more than half of consumers pay more attention to enterprises whose products are packaged with recycled cardboard. In the same case, they are also more willing to buy household consumer goods packaged with recycled cardboard. Consumers hope to have more paper packaging using recycled cardboard. More packaging can be marked with the symbol of 100% recycling. 85% of consumers believe that using recycled packaging materials is conducive to the future of children. 80% of consumers believe that buying 100% recycled cardboard packaging products is a contribution to environmental protection. Consumers have a high evaluation of enterprises that use 100% recycled cardboard and think that enterprises that use recycled cardboard have a sense of environmental protection. ■

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