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On this sunny November 12, 2018, the Indian overseas door and window contract signed by Foshan oulainuo door and window Co., Ltd. ushered in the delivery time. The quality inspector confirmed that it passed the acceptance, packed and packaged it, and prepared to deliver it to the customer

in golden autumn November, osmanthus fragrance, fruitful, is the day of harvest. On this sunny November 12, 2018, the Indian overseas door and window contract signed by Foshan oulainuo door and window Co., Ltd. ushered in the delivery time. The quality inspector checked the product certificate and product identification one by one, confirmed that the acceptance was qualified, packed and packed, and prepared to deliver and transport to the customers

during the execution of the contract, facing the special requirements of foreign customers and the urgent supply cycle, it is undoubtedly a more difficult challenge to the production of oreno doors and windows; At this time, it not only coincides with the peak of domestic orders for oreno doors and windows, but also the company's production and delivery tasks have been very heavy. However, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the delivery contract of the company's Indian customers, all employees of oreno doors and windows do not hesitate to sacrifice their rest time, work overtime, and strictly control the quality. From production and preparation, document production, to the final delivery, all links and departments overcome difficulties, cooperate closely, and work overtime, It bought valuable time for the smooth implementation of the contract

every set of door and window products that leave the factory embody the wisdom and sweat of all employees of oreno doors and windows. It is our responsibility to deliver high-quality oreno doors and windows to customers, which is the continuous pursuit of oreno doors and windows employees; We promise: oreno doors and windows will take the company's technical force as the guarantee, and use our best efforts to ensure the best product quality to feed back customers at home and abroad

good products come from good quality and good reputation. Oreno doors and windows can be favored by customers, which comes from the innovative research and development of oreno doors and windows as always, down-to-earth, for the sake of customers. One set after another of oreno door and window products have been continuously sent from oreno's production workshops to customers all over the world, and have won the general recognition and praise of users at home and abroad. Give me a trust, and I will also give you a responsibility. In the future, oreno door and window will continue to work hard and create greater brilliance

oreno doors and windows

oreno doors and windows is an aluminum alloy door and window brand under Guangdong Meitong Huaxia aluminum group and one of the top 30 enterprises in China. As a leading household aluminum enterprise in China, Meitong Huaxia Aluminum Group has successively opened four large subsidiaries: Xinglong oxidation plant, Ruixu extrusion plant, oreno doors and windows, and Wenge wood grain plant, forming a one-stop comprehensive service from product R & D and design, profile extrusion, high-end surface color treatment, and terminal door and window brand operation

oreno doors and windows mainly produces all kinds of high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows, including bridge breaking system doors and windows, sunshine rooms, casement windows, sliding windows, heavy sliding doors, hanging doors, swing doors and other products. The company strictly implements ISO9001-2000 international standards, and introduces a full set of German imported equipment, using German manufacturing technology throughout the process. Oreno adheres to " High end safety doors and windows are oreno " Always adhere to this concept " Inherit the craftsman spirit and strive for first-class products "e; For the purpose of providing customers with the best quality products and services





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