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Decoration strategy selected people living in the city, maybe every day we are in a hurry on the road, like to stop, pick up a book to read the last paragraph, people should be less and less. In fact, if you have time, you might as well pick up a book to read, which will increase your knowledge and enable you to understand the world even if you are in one place. Of course, with books, a good environment is also indispensable, so the whole strategy of study decoration is sent ~ key points of study Decoration - determine the location and size of the study space

decoration strategy selection

people living in cities may be in a hurry on the way of walking every day, like to stop, and fewer and fewer people should pick up a book and read the last paragraph

in fact, if you have time, you might as well pick up a book to read, which will increase your knowledge and enable you to understand the world even if you are in one place. Of course, with books, a good environment is also indispensable, so the whole strategy of study decoration is sent ~

key points of study decoration

set the location and size

the space area of the study should not be too large, generally within 12 square meters is appropriate, and too large space is easy to distract people; The study needs a quiet environment with less interference, so you should choose a room where people don't often walk as the study

the study needs a quiet environment with less interference, but it doesn't have to be private. If all rooms are on the same floor, it can be arranged outside the private area or in a separate room next to the door. If it is a suite with the bedroom, it is more suitable to be in the outer room

set style and color

although the decoration style of the study needs to be similar to the overall decoration style of the house, we should also consider the functionality of the study, which should show a more elegant and quiet style effect. In addition, the color of the study should be soft and calm. It is best to give priority to cold colors, such as blue, green, gray purple, etc., and try to avoid jumping and contrasting colors

pay attention to environmental protection decoration

paint, wallpaper, wood, flooring, furniture, etc. are the largest expenditure in the study decoration, which has the greatest impact on the environmental protection and health of the study space. As a place for people, especially children, to study for a long time, the study must ensure its environmental protection. Choose materials with higher environmental protection level, and make preparations in the decoration budget

study decoration principles

five decoration schemes of impervious "sound" to eliminate study noise

silence is very necessary for the study, because people study in a noisy environment and their work efficiency is much lower than that in a quiet environment. Therefore, when decorating the study, we should implement this principle from material purchase to decoration construction

specifically, to make the study impervious to "sound", you can start with the decoration of ceiling, wall, floor, door and window

ceiling silent decoration: sound insulation board

the silent decoration of the study can start from the ceiling first. In order to make the ceiling sound proof, some sound proof plates are mainly used in the ceiling keel and gypsum board

there are three main kinds of sound insulation materials: Glass sound insulation cotton, high-density foam board and fabric sound-absorbing board

the three materials are different in function and price. Relatively speaking, the construction process of glass sound insulation cotton and fabric sound insulation board is relatively simple, and the sound insulation effect is also good. The construction of high-density foam board is a little troublesome, but the effect is good

▲ fabric sound-absorbing cotton

wall mute decoration: wallpaper, stone, soft bags

there are two main ways to mute wall decoration, one is to change the smoothness of the wall, the other is to use sound-absorbing materials for decoration

first of all, the smoothness of the wall is directly proportional to the reflected sound, so wallpaper or stone can be used to roughen the wall, which makes the sound wave refract many times, thus reducing the noise; In addition, the clever use of gypsum board and cork can effectively reduce noise, and the wall can be made into a soft wall

floor mute decoration: cork floor, carpet

study floor mute, you can use cork floor or carpet and other materials with better mute to decorate

cork floor can improve the elasticity index and static bending strength of the floor, so that the floor has the function of sound absorption and sound insulation

because of its tight and breathable structure, the carpet can absorb and isolate sound waves, and has good sound absorption and sound insulation effects

door mute decoration: solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors

the method that can also be used for mute in the study is to choose doors with good sound insulation effect. The sound insulation effect of the door mainly depends on the filler in the door core

solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors, the higher the density, the heavier the weight, and the thicker the door plate, the better the sound insulation effect; If the door panel is engraved with patterns on both sides, it can play a certain role in absorbing sound and preventing repeated refraction of sound waves compared with a smooth door panel

the fireproof door with sealing strip around the door also has good sound insulation effect

quiet decoration of windows: soundproof glass, window tightness

quiet study, windows are the key. You can replace the ordinary glass of the study with sound proof glass, 5mm-8mm thick transparent glass, which can reduce the noise by more than 30 dB after installation; The sound insulation effect of double glazing is about 40%; The three-layer glass is almost 100% sound proof. At the same time, the use of plastic steel windows with good sealing performance can reduce indoor noise to 1/3 of outdoor noise

give consideration to learning and books. The study has good light and ventilation environment

the study has high requirements for lighting and daylighting; At the same time, the study is also the place where books are placed, and the influence of light, temperature, ventilation, etc. on the collection of books should also be considered

in order to ensure the health of people's eyesight and the integrity of books, from the aspect of decoration, it is necessary to consider the transformation of the study circuit, the installation of lamps, the layout of windows, etc

improve the light source of the study: natural light + artificial lighting

natural lighting: the study should try to occupy a room with a good orientation. When the window is reconstructed, the window can be opened in the best direction of light in a year. In addition, the study desk can be arranged in front of the window. Generally, the light will be strong in the room facing south

artificial lighting: power line, computer line, telephone line and TV line terminal interface should be installed above the desk or computer table in the study; From the perspective of safety, 1-2 power sockets should be installed under the desk or computer for the power supply of computer supporting equipment; If the lamp light is a multi head lamp, a sub controller should be added, and the switch can be installed inside the study door

ensure good ventilation in the study

ventilation conditions must be considered in the decoration of the study. This is not only because of the need for health, but also because computers and other equipment need ventilation and heat dissipation after work; In addition, air circulation is also conducive to regulating the humidity of the study and protecting books. Therefore, when designing and decorating the study, you cannot choose the space that cannot carry out air convection as the study

the layout of study furniture is in line with human health design

study furniture is a very important part of the study, in which bookcases, desks, chairs, etc. are indispensable furniture in the study. In the purchase and installation of furniture, in addition to paying attention to the shape, quality and color of the study furniture, we must consider that the furniture should adapt to the scope of people's activities and meet the basic requirements of human health aesthetics

desk height: according to the physiological calculation of normal human body in China, the desk height should be 750-800mm. Considering the activity area under the table, the clear height under the table is required to be not less than 580mm

seat height: the seat should be matched with the writing desk, with moderate height, soft and comfortable. If conditions permit, it is best to buy a swivel chair. The general height of the seat should be 380-450mm to facilitate people's activity needs

bookcase size: bookcases should first ensure a large space for storing books. The depth between bookcases should be 30 cm. Excessive depth not only wastes materials and space, but also brings a lot of inconvenience to book retrieval. The shelf and partition of the bookcase can be made into any adjustable type, which can be adjusted according to the size of the books

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