Improper decoration may lead to leukemia

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The life of our people is gradually entering a well-off level in an all-round way. With the rise and fall of house prices, many families have also purchased their own real estate. With real estate, it is inevitable to spend a lot of effort on decoration. However, whether the more luxurious the decoration is, the more comfortable and healthy the living is? I don't think so

first of all, luxurious decoration means high-grade materials, high-grade furniture, meticulous workmanship and high prices. It is accompanied by a series of problems, such as whether the materials are healthy, whether the harmful substance content (release) of furniture meets the standard, whether the workmanship is not careful enough to cause material deterioration, harmful substances and so on. If the decoration is improper, it will even increase the prevalence of leukemia

according to the "people's network", the incidence rate of leukemia in China has increased in recent years. Experts say this is related to food pollution, decoration pollution, water source and air pollution. When referring to the preventive measures for leukemia, experts pointed out that it is necessary to minimize exposure to harmful environment, and families should put safety first when decorating houses, and choose decoration materials that are harmless to human body

therefore, we must choose materials carefully when decorating, and do not blindly pursue brand names. Low price, good quality and health are the goals we should pursue; The engineering team or construction team with professional decoration qualification shall be employed to ensure the decoration quality; If there are conditions, it is best to invite relevant departments to test the air and harmful substances of the decorated house to ensure the decoration effect. Isn't it pleasant to live in such a house both comfortably and comfortably

(editor in charge of China timber network: Ma Fen)





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