Imported nuovvo sanitary ware, modern and simple,

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Simple design comes from great ideas. Nuovvo sanitary ware inherits the Spanish production tradition and integrates modern simple elements, so that products such as sanitary ware can also glow with technology and modern texture, so that users can easily enjoy a comfortable living atmosphere

nuovvo sanitary ware technology is leading in the world. It is good at providing comprehensive product types and excellent sales services. When nuovvo sanitary ware uses red clay for ceramic tile firing in Spanish factories, it took the lead in trying to use white clay as the material for brick making. These newly prepared raw materials have high plasticity and can ensure the color and flatness of ceramic tiles

thanks to the perfect combination of style and function, nuovvo sanitary ware factory has its own R & D team, with a production area of 17000 square meters and advanced technical production equipment

for nuovvo, business growth is based on innovative applications in industrial production and their rich experience. As a manufacturer, nuovvo sanitary ware can create its own product line and participate in specific projects for third parties

now, nuovvo sanitary ware is opening a new challenge, namely, the internationalization of sales. At present, this is one of our top priorities. In addition, nuovvo sanitary ware will also focus on producing a series of sanitary ware products with excellent design, including innovative models with unique shapes and special colors

source: nuovvo sanitary ware of Italian house





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