Effect drawing of 75 square meters small house sim

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Decoration owner files:

decoration community: taizihuayuan decoration house type: small house type

decoration area: 75 square meters decoration style: modern simplicity

decoration cost: 55000 decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map) more beautiful pictures: [Click to view]

contracting method: half package

Design Description: Although the decoration area of this case is small, the interior design and storage are quite good, Each functional area is adapted to local conditions, which not only beautifies the indoor space, but also makes full use of the space

the sofa with two seats can completely meet the needs of one person. The white sofa cloth can make the space have a sense of expansion, which is a magic weapon for dressing up small houses

the white IKEA style square is simple and generous, which saves space. On it is a Zakka style storage box, which can store small items such as remote controls

the balcony of the living room is made in the form of tatami. The partition design near the wall can be used as a small desk to read and surf the Internet. The space specially vacated under the partition can liberate both legs

although the space is limited, it does not affect the storage function of the TV cabinet. Digital products can be placed on the double-layer TV cabinet, and the drawers below can also be stored

the white iron bed meets the girls' princess dream. Sleeping on a soft bed, the sun shines in, and it's very comfortable

a laundry room is built on the balcony of the bedroom, which is separated by curtains. It is convenient to wash your clothes, and a storage cabinet is placed on the balcony

in the evening, a soft curtain completely separates the kitchen from the living room, and both sides become independent spaces




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