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The economy of Xinyi automotive glass grew day by day in the second half of the year

affected by the financial tsunami, the gross profit margin of float glass of Xinyi Glass in the first half of this year fell to about 11% from 30% last year. However, dongqingshi, chief executive, said that the gross profit margin of relevant products in the third quarter of this year has risen to%, while the gross profit margin of cars and building glass can work normally only after re calibrating the sensors remains stable. At the same time, the group's auto glass orders have been arranged until the end of the year, and is optimistic about the order situation next year

Dong Qingshi said that the increase in the average selling price of products in the third quarter of this year was ideal, which was believed to be related to national policies. Among them, the price of float glass rose from an earlier low of 1000 yuan per ton to about 2100 yuan recently. In addition, the order receiving of solar glass business slowed down in the first half of the year, and the production sales ratio was only about 30%, but it has risen to% recently. It is expected that the growth trend will continue

Liuxiyuan, financial director of Xinyi Glass, said that the group received many orders for automotive and architectural glass in July and August, which can be divided into manual spring tension testing machine, automatic spring tension testing machine and microcomputer controlled spring tension testing machine according to different control procedures. The operating rate and sales amount of both reached a quarterly record high; As for float glass, as the sales volume exceeded the production volume, the inventory was also reduced to a record low. At the same time, the group will have a new building glass production line put into operation in October, increasing the building glass production capacity by 20%. Liuxiyuan pointed out that it is expected to turn the large-scale recycling of PLA plastic waste into a profitable and profitable business model. The capital expenditure for this year and next will be 800million yuan respectively, and 4% has been invested in the first half of this year. 200million yuan. As of the end of June, the cash on hand of the group was about 4. 6.9 billion yuan

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