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Education director of the Nobel Museum: Mo Yan's materials and articles will be displayed

on the small street next to the Swedish palace, there is an inconspicuous glass door, which seems to be casually pasted with two words: Nobel Museum. This is the Nobel Museum. It shows the 800 Nobel laureates and their materials, the highest wisdom of mankind in more than a century. Recently, olofsomer, director of education at the Nobel Museum, came to Shanghai and was invited to give him an exclusive interview

In 2001, the Nobel Prize was born for 100 years. The Nobel Foundation Committee decided to build a theme museum by using the old stock exchange building in Stockholm, Sweden. The committee members chose to use creativity rather than innovation as the outside world to describe the evaluation of Nobel Prize winners. They emphasized the unique culture of creativity in Sweden, which is also the soil for the Centennial Nobel Prize history

perhaps only Nobel himself knows the difference between the two. This man, who had an unusual gift for chemistry, could not manage literature all his life. His poems were famous for their bad. It was not until Nobel's late years that a publishing house was willing to publish a script for him. Shortly after his death, his family bought back the script in a flash and completely burned it

In 2006, olofsomer changed from a worker to a museum librarian. This is really an inspirational job. He said

Sommer will walk along the exhibition hall when he is in the museum. Usually, the first thing he sees is the automatic track hanging on the ceiling, transmitting the photos and profiles of previous Nobel laureates page by page

in a row of red cabinets in the middle of the hall, there are biographies of Nobel Prize winners. Moving forward along the zigzag floor cabinet will open the history of human creativity for a century. On the left is the multimedia area. Almost all the stories about the Nobel Prize have been digitized. You can stand in front of the multimedia demonstration equipment, put on headphones and immerse yourself in the creative world alone

this is a small hall with an area of no more than 500 square meters. The display of physical objects is not rich, but it makes the audience feel the rapid progress of science. For example, a set of experimental equipment that is even simpler than the equipment in middle school laboratories today has affected the establishment of the whole modern scientific system

however, Sommer himself pays more attention to the small souvenirs with stories: a pair of wool socks, which was knitted by his wife for a Korean winner at the most difficult time of his life; There is also a coin from the 19th century. It was a gift given to a Nobel laureate by his grandfather in his childhood

here, Somer occasionally meets Nobel Prize winners who come to make pilgrimages. They never hide their excitement, take photos and sign their names, and act like big stars. However, he has also received a request from the winners to decline the invitation of the museum. They may be unable to get away from their dedicated scientific research work

the Nobel Prize Museum receives nearly 500000 global visitors every year, which is inseparable from the efforts of Sommer and others. More often than not, Sommer has promoted this museum around the world, just like this visit to Shanghai, within the same functional scope. He said that in six years' time, a new Nobel museum will be built in the brauxi Peninsula in Stockholm and close to the Swedish National Museum, with a total investment of about US $150million and an estimated area of 20000 square meters

the coming December 10 is the day of Nobel prize awarding, and it is also a solemn and glorious moment. From the 5th, this year's Nobel Prize winners will arrive one after another. According to the Convention, they must fully dry the museum to admire Mr. Nobel's voice and appearance before using the museum, and take a group photo with fans here as a souvenir

Sommer also revealed that, if there is no accident, according to gaolizhen, President of the Industrial Research Institute, information about the winners of the new Jinnuo prize and small items donated free of charge will be displayed here from December 6. Of course, there will also be Mr. Mo Yan. What is it? Look forward to that day! Sommel smiled mysteriously

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