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On May 22, 2011, a special job fair for printing and packaging was held in the Pearl River Delta talent market. More than 200 enterprises participated in the job fair, providing more than 3000 printing jobs, such as manual bronzing machine operator, flexo printing operator, red wine packaging box operator, security officer, etc. (2) nearly 80% of resistance spot welding enterprises recruit technical talents in the printing industry. The educational threshold for the company to find people is further reduced. The educational background of R & D jobs is set to be college or above, and the technical operator can have a junior high school education, but the monthly salary can reach 3000 yuan

at the packaging job fair, we will recruit Pb operators, web software operators and other professional technical R & D related talents, with college degree or above, one to two years of relevant work experience, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock or damage to the machine; At the same time, the company continues to recruit a number of front-line junior middle school workers. The company provides corresponding board and lodging allowances, and the monthly comprehensive salary is between two thousand six and three thousand yuan (including overtime, which does not exceed three hours per day)

according to Beijing packaging company, the front-line posts in printing enterprises are generally divided into three categories: Production/scheduling/maintenance/debugging, prepress/post press soft and hard equipment operation, and printer captain/Assistant/inker. Except for the first category, the other two categories are still determined. Therefore, the technical content of each worker is relatively low, which makes the salary of front-line posts low, In addition to requiring the rubber materials to have the necessary physical and mechanical energy, the workers also work hard, so the turnover rate of front-line operators working in the printing company is relatively high, and the company often temporarily recruits front-line operators according to the real-time change of business volume

the full-time talent career consultant made it clear that: compared with printing jobs with higher technical requirements, posts other than intermediate and senior R & D management tend to be technology intensive. The company's educational requirements are not as high as before. Most companies and vocational colleges have signed targeted education agreements to transport professional printing technology operators for packaging companies.

many companies have designed career promotion systems for their employees, Front line operators should properly formulate career development plans for themselves. Gift box Beijing should purposefully study and participate in the promotion qualification examination of the enterprise, so as to transform their skilled basic operating skills into technology, so as to promote them to proficient hands, gradually realize their set goals and plans, and get rid of the form of low technology content and low salary as soon as possible

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