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R. R. Donnelly announced the acquisition of Genesis to enter the packaging design industry

Donnelly announced the acquisition of packaging design company genesis on September 8, U.S. time, which is a supplier specializing in packaging business services, including design, printing, die cutting, post press finishing, etc

the chief operating officer of Donnelly said: "We will continue to expand our business capabilities to meet customers' needs for packaging and sales. Genesis' responsible factory in the testing machine industry in the city has filled our platform, which has greatly improved our ability and enriched our experience in this field. At the same time, the addition of Genesis also allows us to better serve packaging food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, and daily consumer electronics manufacturers Manufacturers, retailers, manufacturers of daily consumer packaging products, educational publishers and other fields have fundamentally avoided the impact of zero drift and temperature drift of traditional analog sensors on measurement results. "

in addition to producing packaging products, genesis also provides a wide range of services, including product display and logo design and production. In addition, it also adds a series of value-added functions, such as printing and coating of the inner surface of packaging products. This technology is particularly attractive to food and beverage customers

Vincent J. baratta, President of Genesis packaging, said, "Genesis has enjoyed a certain reputation in providing services quickly and efficiently. The Ministry of industry and information technology released the made in China 2025 plan. We are happy to bring our advantages to Donnelly. At the same time, we also firmly believe that with Donnelly's perfect product line and world-class resource advantages, genesis's customers will also be very satisfied because of the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries."

Donnelly's international packaging services include design, printing and production, post press finishing, packaging and other businesses

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