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Dalian Rubber and Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is an important export production base for China's rubber and plastic machinery, which uses raw materials that meet FDA requirements and meet USP class VI and ISO10993 standards to formulate rubber and plastic machinery. Big rubber and plastic brand rubber and plastic machinery is well-known in the Southeast Asian market, and also has a high reputation in the European market. In the past three years, the export volume of big rubber and plastic company has increased by 25% every year, and its products have also spread to more than 70 countries and regions in Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia, Africa and so on

what is the secret of the long-term prosperity of the export of products of big rubber and plastic company

cooperate with large companies to create high-quality brands

large rubber and plastic companies attach great importance to the opportunity to cooperate with large foreign companies. In the process of cooperation, the company selected and sent excellent soldiers and generals, and carefully studied the whole process of foreign advanced design concepts, management concepts and product quality control methods. Regard the harsh requirements of large companies on product quality as the driving force for self-improvement of quality awareness, and improve the control ability of self product quality in cooperation, so that the rubber and plastic machinery of large rubber and plastic brands continue to rise in grade

cooperating with large international companies has not only improved the product quality of large rubber and plastic companies, but also increased the trust in the product quality of large rubber and plastic companies, and expanded the share of large rubber and plastic companies in the international market. Through the cooperation with subordinate factories of large companies, big rubber and plastic has radiated to its branches all over the world and local merchants through its branches, thus forming a chain publicity and promotion effect

in recent years, the big rubber and plastic company has implemented the big company strategy, which has greatly shortened the gap with world-class manufacturers, and the export product structure of the enterprise has undergone profound changes. They have developed a large number of high-quality new products with international advanced level, such as tire molding machine, rubber calender production line, tire lining extrusion calender production line, tread three compound extrusion production line, internal mixer production line, which have been widely recognized in the Southeast Asian market, and the market share continues to rise. At present, the products have radiated to the European Union, Japan, the Middle East, Africa, South America and other countries and regions, among which the export of high value-added new products has occupied a leading position. In 2007, foreign exchange earnings from exports reached US $17.63 million. This year, foreign exchange earnings from exports are expected to exceed US $21million, ranking ahead of domestic peers

improve detail services and expand market space

large rubber and plastic companies attach great importance to pre-sales services. After learning that customers have the intention to order, the sales manager in charge of the region of the company will take the initiative to check the production status of customers and the products to be purchased, and prepare detailed information for customers at the first time

in business negotiations with customers, the company's subtle and thoughtful professional services left a deep impression on customers. When the order is signed, the sales manager will track the manufacturing process of the product. For example, when checking and accepting the equipment for the products produced by a Japanese merchant, the merchant is very serious and dedicated, and often works for fifteen or six hours. The sales manager of the company will cooperate with the customers in the whole process to complete the work, sort out the opinions of the customers and transfer them in time. If there is such a situation, loosen the M8 plug on the oil pump to remove the air, and then inspect whether the oil returned to the tank is sent to the relevant departments intermittently to ensure the timely implementation of the rectification. What is displayed in front of customers is the image of a salesman with high professionalism and perseverance

after the products are sold, the big rubber and plastic company immediately carries out a one-year tracking service. As small as regularly telling customers to use the equipment, a gasket should be replaced every week, and as large as ordering spare parts in advance to avoid unnecessary losses to customers

detailed services have shortened the distance between the big rubber and plastic company and its customers, and enhanced mutual understanding. Big rubber and plastic company summed up a sentence: in the process of doing business with world-famous companies, 2 Control system maintenance of plastic tensile testing machine: the details of service determine the success or failure of business projects

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