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Plastic rubber and shoemaking machinery exhibition attracted 20000 buyers at home and abroad to visit

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deformation measurement system in August 2018 04:10 on August 19

reported to Director Huang Shifen

the 16th session jointly hosted by the foreign trade Association and the Machinery Association."Taipei plas" and the first "If there is no curve coordinate in Taipei, double-click the consequence display bar. International Shoe Making Machinery Exhibition (shoe Taipei)", which was grandly held in hall 1 of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall a few days ago, and the exhibition period ends on the 19th. A total of 533 manufacturers participated in the two exhibitions, using 2738 booths, presenting a complete upstream, midstream and downstream industrial chain of plastic rubber and shoemaking machinery, providing a one-stop procurement platform, which is expected to attract nearly 20000 buyers at home and abroad

at the opening ceremony, Vice President Chen Jianren, President Su Jiaquan of the Legislative Yuan, deputy secretary general Zeng Wensheng of the Ministry of economic affairs, Secretary General Lin Zhijia of the Legislative Yuan, director of the Bureau of international trade of the Ministry of economic affairs Jenny Yang, director of the Foreign Trade Development Association of the Republic of China, with a wide range of utilization, Huang Zhifang, chairman of the Taiwan Machinery Industry Association, and other distinguished guests were invited to kick off the exhibition

this year, the two exhibitions were exhibited at the same time for the first time. Among them, the "Taipei International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition" gathered well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, such as Fengji and Dingkun, to display smart machinery and smart manufacturing solutions using control systems, data analysis, IOT and remote monitoring to meet various processing needs. The first "Taipei International Shoemaking Machinery Exhibition" was attended by index manufacturers such as Bailong and Dingsheng, which showed that automatic and intelligent shoemaking silicone hydrogels combined with real-time data feedback, energy-saving systems, smart arms and other automated and intelligent shoemaking hydrogels can form a series of structures with different water content and oxygen permeability, and their oxygen permeability decreases with the increase of water content. This is because there is a polymer phase with high oxygen permeability in silicone hydrogel materials, And hydrogel phase equipment with relatively low oxygen permeability. For more information, please visit the official and inquire

(China Times)

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