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RS launched RS ZNB and RS ZNC network analyzer

the new products R sznb and R sznc of rod and Schwartz created a new era of vector network analyzer. The new analyzer features a dynamic range of up to 140dB, 4ms scanning time (401 scanning points) and excellent stability, and has unparalleled advantages over similar competitive products. These two products aim to meet the strict production and R & D needs of RF devices, and are especially suitable for applications in the field of mobile communications and electronic products industry. The two network analyzers cover the frequency range from 9KHz to 3GHz, 4.5ghz or 8.5ghz. Both R sznb and R sznc are equipped with a wide touch screen, enabling users to start all functions of the instrument within three steps. The touch and plastic screen provides more display space, making the display of a large number of measurement data results more intuitive and clear

r sznb is the more powerful one of the two instruments, which provides 3. Flame retardant performance tester for masks for R & D laboratories and production lines; It provides the performance characteristics previously available only to high-end analyzers. R sznb two port and four port models cover the frequency range from 9KHz to 3GHz, 4.5ghz or 8.5ghz. Its dynamic range can reach 140dB, the trace noise is as low as 0.004db (root mean square), the maximum output power is as high as +13dbm, and it can be electronically adjusted within 90dB, so it provides fast and accurate measurement, which ensures high production and testing efficiency. R sznb has very low amplitude and phase drift, so it has excellent temperature stability and long-term stability. This enables the instrument to accurately measure the pressure without recalibration for a long time

in high-yield production line testing that requires high test speed and efficiency, high resistance filters or amplifiers must be manually debugged. Due to its outstanding performance, R sznb is the best choice for such tests. The wide touch screen plays an important role in such applications. This network analyzer can also measure duplex filters, multi port tested parts, mixers, transmitters and differential surface acoustic wave filters in mobile terminals

The frequency range of

r sznc covers 9KHz to 3GHz. This instrument is a cost-effective choice for users who do not require high dynamic range and functional range. The R sznc two port model has a scanning time of 11ms (401 scanning points) and a dynamic range of up to 130dB. It is mainly used to test passive RF components, such as filters and cables

the wide touch screen makes the setting, measurement and analysis of R sznb and R sznc easier. All context based control elements can be found directly in the soft welcome shopping panel, rather than in submenus or embedded menus. Therefore, all instrument functions can be started within three steps. Simply touching the screen, the user can create a new measurement window, move the trace, set the mark, adjust the scale and zoom in and out to observe the detailed results. Different instrument settings can be displayed in different windows and can be activated at any time. This function makes the characteristic measurement of tested parts such as amplifiers and RF modules more efficient. The user interface and help support multi language display, such as English, Japanese, French and Russian

in terms of physical dimensions, R sznb and R sznc are short in length, so they occupy less workbench space in measurement applications. The test port spacing under the touch screen is large enough, which avoids the problems caused by the small bending radius of the test cable, thereby reducing the phase error and cable wear. In addition, low power consumption and precise heat dissipation design keep the working noise and heat dissipation at a low level, thus reducing the production cost

rod and Schwartz have officially launched R sznc (two ports, up to 3GHz) and R sznb (two ports, up to 4.5ghz and 8.5ghz). By September, 2011, both models of R sznb support four ports

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