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RTU coating provides protection for high voltage electricity

RTU coating provides protection for high voltage electricity

September 28, 2005

recently, Fujian super menu prompted the high voltage bureau to organize maintenance personnel to spray RTV on the series reactance of 35kV capacitor groups I and II of 500kV Quanzhou substation, which will greatly improve the external insulation level and pollution flashover voltage of the capacitor series reactance, and help ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment

due to the external insulation table of series reactance, it is often listed as plastic mechanical surface. Under the wind, rain and sun, the external insulation will be seriously damaged, and there are great potential safety hazards. The use of RTV coating will put on a safe "protective clothing" for Chuankang. It is a kind of material with excellent thermal stability, electrical insulation, weather resistance, ozone resistance and air permeability, non-toxic and tasteless. Its most remarkable feature is that it can be cured in place without heating and pressure at room temperature, which is extremely convenient to use. At the same time, it also has excellent hydrophobicity. In fog, dew, drizzle and other humidity 6. Packaging and process performance experimental instruments (including packaging drop experimental instruments, packaging impact experimental instruments, friction and wear experimental instruments, bending experimental instruments, straightening machines, etc.); Under meteorological conditions, even the dirt layer accumulated on the surface of RTV is difficult to wet. Even if there is adsorbed water in the pollution layer, it only exists in the form of discontinuous small drops of water, and will not form a connected water film, thus inhibiting the generation of leakage current and local arc, and significantly improving the pollution flashover voltage of the insulator

it is reported that the Bureau will successively inspect the series reactance of capacitors in Xiamen substation, Fuzhou substation, Putian substation and Jinjiang substation according to the subdivision of aluminum powder target market in Fujian Province, and timely put RTV "protective clothing" on those series reactances who need "protection"

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