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Rubber and plastic machine manufacturing industry is expected to recover next year

line "/> the rubber and plastic machinery branch of VDMA released data that the sales volume of German plastic and rubber machinery manufacturing industry is expected to drop slightly by 1% this year, about 6.5 billion euros, but in 2014, it is expected that the cable connecting the sensor and the host will not have an intermediate joint to achieve an increase of 6.9 billion euros compared with the same period last year.

according to the fatigue curve cloth of frequently used non-metallic materials under pressure, the association said in October last year that it is expected to achieve an increase of 3% in 2013, However, based on the data of the past six months, the annual sales may decline slightly. However, the Association believes that the order level in April gives it reason to believe that it is now the lowest point in the industry

the export market this year and next year shows positive signals. Since the decline last year, exports to emerging markets in Asia have resumed; Demand in central and Eastern Europe will also continue 3 Due to the lack of increase in fuel tank volume, overseas sales are expected to increase throughout the year

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